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Future of Gambling Online

Social casino games and virtual reality are the future of e-gambling. TEAM OCS encourages everyone to try free gambling games in place of betting real money. Play now with 5,000 free coins.

Gambling, also commonly called betting & gaming is a risky and fun thrilled entertaining hobby for millions of people. Online gambling sites are legal in many countries and regions throughout the world in 2020. There is just something so very exciting that comes with the anticipation of winning the game they way it is played. There’s online gambling gold rush with occurring as I type this with iGaming companies racing to achieve Internet betting supremacy in today’s world of supercomputing.

Online Gambling

Sportsbook, Poker and Casino websites are all setting up legal online gambling sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and too many casinos to count across the globe internationally. Online Casino Suite is your ultimate destination on the web for playing casino games and betting on different types of gambling activities including online poker, lottery and sports betting. (OCS) is creating a gambler’s guide to gambling on line. To begin with, we’re reviewing the world’s largest online gambling providers. Software companies are key players in the online betting marketplace. Team OCS has researched the i-Gambling industry since 2006 and provide our visitors reviews of the most used software suppliers which includes the biggest companies like Playtech, NetEnt & Microgaming for example.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

People all over the world commonly ask Google the game question which is this. Is online gambling legal in _____ ? (fill in the blank here). The laws on internet gambling are nearly as volatile as the price of Bitcoin, so I guess so you say the betting on the legality of online gambling is similar to placing a bet on Bitcoin. They’re both a gamble.

You’ve got to carefully research your local online gambling laws before you bet on casino, poker, lottery or sports over the net. Even esports gambling, another rising trend in the iGaming sector, needs to properly evaluated as to the status of they “legality”.

I’ve included some information on common legal gambling issues to consider below.

Gambling Laws

  • Internet Gambling is legal and regulated in United Kingdom by UKGC. After establishing The Gambling Act of 2005 the United Kingdom has long since been an iGaming leader establishing cyber-gambling as one of the web’s most profitable and competitive sectors. Legal online betting in the UK covers all forms of gambling from lottery and lotto scratch cards (scratchers) to Texas holdem poker, baccarat, blackjack, fruit machines (slots), online poker tournaments, online sports gambling such as football betting on premier UK football teams. Punters bet millions of GB Pounds on bookies online every day.
  • Online gambling in the United States is a lot more complicated than UK’s federal internet gambling regulation enforced by UKGC. The US Supreme Court has officially ruled that it is not illegal to gamble online in the United States of America. In may 2019 they issued an official statement which clarified the Wire Act only applies to interstate sports betting transactions and betting within state boarders (including online sports betting) was not illegal. Since it does not violate the Wire Act a number of states have created legal forms of online gambling for players in America.
  • New Jersey was the first state in the USA to establish legal online gambling for people betting from within Jersey’s state boarders. Initially they made online casino gambling in NJ legal at first. Then later on in 2019 after the Supreme Court’s ruling on interstate sports betting New Jersey became the first start to allow legal online sports betting (again only for people in NJ). The state regulated and enforces laws on internet gambling through the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Go here for the official list of legal NJ gambling sites.
  • Pennsylvania online gambling sites are probably the fastest growing sector within the United States iGaming market. PA online sports betting is quickly becoming even more popular than traditional internet casino gambling is and has been as the past half-decade of legal NJ online casinos has so undeniably demonstrated its importance and influence over United States gambling laws. In Pennsylvania electronic gambling in cyberspace is both licensed and regulated by the PA Gaming Control Board.
  • Gambling Infographics are a great way to visually learn about the internet gaming market and the long and windy road its taken to get here. This infographic from gives you a look at the History of Online Gambling.

Online Casinos

Did you know that people have been playing at casinos online since day one began back in 1994 when Microgaming launched the “Gaming Club“. It was the world’s first internet casino to accept real money bets online and propelled Microgaming into one of the iGaming industry’s leading software innovators for the next two and a half decades.

Here on, OCS has a team of casino experts that research the online gambling marketplace and provide statistics on recent industry developments and breaking news. Players can gamble on safe casino games and win real money on the internet.

Sportsbook Gambling

While the team at Online Casino Suite may be experts on the subject of internet casinos, we’re just getting started in the sports betting marketplace. Sportsbooks are popular ways people bet on sports online such as NFL football betting or any other major league sports betting on the internet for that matter. OCS offers an online sportsbook list of reviews written by an official team member (Team OCS).