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Play free slots online on (OCS) with 5,000 free coins. Some of our free slot machines also provide free spins with interactive game bonuses.

Online Casino Suite is well known for doing things the right way. We’re proud to be known for getting it done right and we approach our roles as trusted gambling advisers with great respect & responsibility.

If I could rewind time and go back to the beginning I could have learned a lot about the high costs of playing slots for money. That’s a long story you can read more about HERE. To summarize, overtime I’ve learned to quit playing slot machines for real money. These days you can find me enjoying free online slots in the OCS suite of free casino games.

Trying to rewind the tape is not a possible. So the next best thing I can do is help you to avoid the pitfalls of real money gambling. My objective is to keep this list useful & brief. I’ve included some of my favorite all time on line slot machines such as those you’ll find on and some of its competitors in the free online gambling social networking marketplace.

Play the OCS free slots from the games available here and save your money for something productive. Online Casino Suite will educate you on the benefits of social casinos and how you can take advantage of free casino apps without spending a dime of your own money. Gamble virtually online playing the same games that you’ll find in real money mode at any casino gambling website that’s worthwhile.

If your intent on gambling online this OCS gambling guide will be useful in pointing out what to look for and how to evaluate casino bonus offerings. has been around the internet for a long time and we’re rather knowledgeable about slots software companies, new slot games and upcoming progressive jackpots.

777 Free Slots
Play 777 Free Slots at Online Casino Suite

In 2020 the world of possible free slots games is seemingly endless and social casino games are by far leading the way of the #FREEPLAY social gambling movement.

Try our free slot machine game and reload your balance by refreshing the browser window if you run out of coins. Its always FREE to reload your slots balance when you’re playing Online Casino Suite games. You can always play slots online free on OCS and this is our most recommended path.

Free Slot Machines & Free Apps

These free online slot machines represent one of the finest and rarest collections of free slot games available anywhere. Every week I’ll feature a new slot game to play. You can also choose from any of the free online slots included in our list below.

  • Classic Slot Machine – Download this free video slot game for Chrome. A true “classic” among modern day on-line slot machines.
  • 777 Slots Free Casino – Dragon City has developed a brilliant free slots app for Android mobile/smartphones. DragonCity free slot app is #1 on Play app store.