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Welcome to World Gambling Review

The purpose of World Gambling Review is to provide an overview of gambling information as it pertains to the various countries and locales throughout the world. This website is a guide to world gambling laws and betting sites organized by nation.

If you like to gamble, but you aren't sure about gambling in your country or a nearby country, World Gambling Review hopes to provide you with the information you need. We provide info on which games are legal in which countries, while also providing a detailed list of casinos found in a particular jurisdiction.

For example, if you want to know whether or not gambling online is legal in Afghanistan, you can review our Afghanistan gambling article for details. (It's illegal there, by the way, but all gambling is illegal there now. But you can find out about how people in Afghanistan bet or at least used to be on "kite fighting".)

What World Gambling Review Does

World Gambling Review collects in one place a world full of information on the gambling laws and gambling venues.

Every country worldwide has its own web page informing the gaming public about its betting games and the laws which apply to those games. This site lists a betting overview of the international gaming community nation by nation.

Gambling - Online GamblingWe list all the various games you might find in a country, including poker, blackjack, casino games, bingo, sports betting and pari-mutuel wagering. World Gambling Review also lists local online gambling laws when appropriate. If a local country has any other idiosyncratic betting, we try to note the local gaming culture, too.

About World Gambling Review

When you navigate our site, you will find a list of pages dedicated to many nations globally.

If you do not see a nation listed on this page, click on the Worldwide Gambling link in the right column. This has an expanded list of countries listed, which provides more worldwide gambling information by country. We also provide pages for major gambling cities in the United States and worldwide.

Terms of Service

World Gambling Review tries to provide accurate information in our articles, but this information is intended for entertainment purposes only and the authors of this site disclaim responsibility for the use of the information on WorldGamblingReview. If a visitor does not agree with this policy, please leave the site and do not use the information on World Gambling Review.

Gambling laws change all the time. While we try to update new laws as soon as they come to our attention, we intend on covering the gambling laws of all 200+ nations in the world and so there are a lot of laws with which to keep up.

Also, please note that online gambling is illegal in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Individual gamblers are personally responsible for knowing their local gambling laws and obeying said laws. World Gambling Review serves an international audience and provides information for readers throughout the world. It is not our intention to promote illegal activities.

Privacy Policy

We keep private the specific email address information which comes to us. This site does have advertisers. World Gambling Review is not responsible for the privacy policies of our advertisers.

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