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Reno Rollins was born in Dallas, Texas on October 15th, 1975. The youngest of five children, his father was a newspaper reporter, and his mother worked as a real estate agent. While the family had some distant French Huguenot ancestry, most could be traced to either Scottish or English.

Reno was involved in athletics throughout school, and he was especially fond of basketball. Upon graduation, he attended Southern Methodist University. There, he pursued a major in Engineering. He was also interested in linguistics, and has since become fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

In the middle of his 3rd year of college, Reno left school and began traveling abroad. His first stop was Mexico, where he worked as both an English teacher and production assistant at professional wrestling events.

After a year, Reno moved on to South America. He would spend the next three years of his life in Brazil. It was here that Reno learned about gambling, as a friend introduced him to the country’s many underground casinos.

He soon found employment in one of the establishments, acting as a translator for the various non-Portuguese-speaking customers who visited. The club was raided on two occasions, and Rollins once found himself staying the night in a Sao Paulo jail cell. Six months later, he quit his job and left the continent.

France was his next stop, and Rollins became enamored with the food, women and casinos. During his time in France, he worked in a bookstore, jazz bar and even played bass in an American pop music cover band.

During a trip to the Louvre, he met Sofia, the women who was later to become his fiancee. At the time, she was studying law at the Cergy-Pontoise University.

After dating for a number of years, the two finally set a wedding date. By now, Rollins was writing for a local French magazine, and Sofia was working for a law firm.

Sadly, Sofia was diagnosed with cancer a few months before their wedding date. The couple proceeded with the marriage, but she did not live to see their one year anniversary.

Rollins left France and began traveling across the globe. He visited Russia, Japan, China, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Egypt and numerous countries in Africa. Gambling was his favorite activity in each country, and he always made a point to visit the casinos, whether they were legal or not.

After being away for over eight years, Reno finally returned home to America. Upon his return, he briefly lived in New York and worked as a t-shirt designer.

Currently, Reno works as a freelance writer. He owns a home in Austin, Texas and coaches youth soccer on the weekends. He is working on his first novel, a period thriller set during the times of the Protestant Reformation.

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