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Looking for a reliable and trustworthy website to purchase scratch cards online? Online Casino Suite has been closely monitoring this relatively new gaming sector since its inception in 2005, and we know precisely where you can experience the best internet betting destinations for a chance at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars - even millions - while enjoying a fun, interactive experience. That's precisely what the best in online scratch card gaming has to offer - a large pool of players and winnings, casino-style free cash bonuses, ongoing promotions, loyalty incentives and exceptional customer service. Below, OCS shares it's absolute top picks of the best online scratch card rooms guaranteeing good odds of winning and paying out millions in winnings every month. Enjoy lottery style games, scratch cards and even slot machines, keno and casino table games at all of these third-party sites. Read our full reviews for more in-depth information about each OCS-approved scratch card room.

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Scratch 2 Cash - Being one of the first official destinations offering online scratch cards, the name says it all. Scratch2Cash is owned and operated by Neo Games - the driving force behind the online scratch card movement. Being licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (one of the toughest jurisdictions out there), players don't need to bet on getting a fair hand. You simply will. In fact, one in three cards is guaranteed to pay, with monthly payouts themselves averaging above 95%. New players at Scratch 2 Cash are eligible to receive a $5 no-deposit bonus or a 100% match bonus up to $200 with a minimum deposit of just $10. With scratch cards as cheap as $0.50, that makes for a great chance to walk away a winner.

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Playing Scratch-off Cards Online

Online scratch off tickets are one of the quickest and easiest ways to win money on the Web. That said, they are also one of the quickest ways to lose money. Just like a regular lottery ticket, scratch cards offer similar odds to flipping a coin. One of the more popular forms of online wagering in today's multi-billion dollar internet betting market, online scratch card gaming started taking off in 2005, with the launching of the first online scratch off ticket destination, Scratch2Cash (see review above). Since that time, there has been a steady stream of sites offering scatch off lottery tickets and scratch card games, although the vast majority are powered by NeoGames.

NeoGames deserves a mention on this page, for no other developer has contributed more to the business of online scratch card gaming that NeoGames. As of 2010, Neo Games has been selling over 120 million scratch cards per month, not to mention paying out over $85 million/month to players who venture within their many sratch-off partner sites and licensors. Continuously developing new game releases, Neo Games now has over 70 no-download scratch-off card games.

In general, all scratch cards are Flash based, meaning there is no need for a software download. Players have direct online access through a secure Flash connection, and can gain instant access via a "Real Money" or "Practice" version of the software platform. Your typical online scratch card costs as low as $1 (just like a regular lottery scratch-off card) and as high as $20 or more. Generally speaking, the range of betting denominations is from $1 to $10. It goes without saying, the greater the card value, the greater the winnings. As mentioned, these often overshadow big wins at online casinos. There has been $1 million plus winners on more than one occassion, and there will certainly be more in the future.

In terms of regulatory protocol, online scratch cards are considered a game of chance (no skill involved unless you're psychic), and as such, accessibility to scratch cards online varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In general, countries where online gambling is not regulated or where anti-online gaming legislation is in effect (such as the U.S.), consider scratch cards to be into the same category as online casino games. Where regulation of online casinos does occur - and where online gambling is more liberalized overall - the regulations endured by scratch card rooms mandate strict, ongoing monitoring and audit checks. The aforementioned Scratch2Cash, for example, is regulated in Malta (a UK Gambling Commission white-listed jurisdiction), where audits reveal steady payout reports of 95% and one in three cards a winner.

In effect, you are bound to get as good - if not better - odds playing an online scratch card as you would purchasing scratch offs at your local, land-based lottery retailer. As online gambling regulationsbecome more liberalized, which is already taking place throughout Europe,more of these very same land-based lottery giants will be going online to offer virtual versions of the same exact scratch cards being sold at retailers

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