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The Real Scoop on Online Roulette Casino Bonuses

Roulette Bonuses. Do they even exist? Well, according to some online casinos and just about every online casino review site under the Sun, indeed they do. Just type in a search for online roulette bonus, and you will definitely get lots of entry's with "online roulette bonus" in the search tags, or my personal favorite, "online roulette casino", whatever that means. According to the review sites, these are online casinos that offer roulette. And what online casino doesn't may I ask?

So, knowing there is an actual demand for online roulette bonuses, casinos and review portals will optimize their websites to filter the traffic for this demand, yet provide nothing that is actually being searched. And what makes it worse is that, assuming you take their recommendation, you will end up with a casino bonus that won't even allow you to play roulette, or worse, will disqualify your bonus money and any winnings if you actually place a roulette wager!

The truth of the matter is that there really are not many true roulette bonuses, meaning bonuses that actually allow players to meet the wager requirement by playing roulette. There are some bonuses that will count a certain percentage of roulette wagers toward meeting the wager requirement, but this is usually no more than 2%. If you do the math, in order to become eligible for cashing out a $100 bonus with a 30x wager requirement just on roulette wagers, you would have to gamble $150,000 just before you could cash out your bonus winnings, which mind you, will likely have a cap on the maximum anyways, being a "play" bonus and all.

Basically, what most online casinos and review portals won't tell you is all the red tape covering their bonuses, and will go so far as to deceitfully market their bonus. Come cash-out time, if you violated any of the terms, they will tell you, "sorry, you should have read the terms". I don't need to tell you how heartbreaking this can be to someone who has hit a huge jackpot on a bonus money wager.

So, going back to my original question, there really is no such thing as a true roulette bonus. There might be some that are out there, but they sure haven't come to the attention of Online Casino Suite. And just because you do indeed find a true roulette bonus, doesn't mean you should claim it. Other factors need to be considered, such as whether or not the online casino offering the bonus is regulated, and quite frankly, whether it can be trusted.

So, if you know about a true online roulette bonus, please do tell us about it. And you can be assured we will let you know when and if one worth recommending ever comes to our attention. In the meantime, try your hand at a good Blackjack or video poker bonus...the odds are better anyways.

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- The Real Scoop on Online Roulette Casino Bonuses
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