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Internet Bingo - Online BingoOnline bingo has become one of the biggest gambling scenes on the internet. The internet bingo crowd is a little bit different than what you'll find in an online casino or online poker room. Because bingo players enjoy sitting and talking to their fellow bingo players, online bingo halls have made it their goal to make internet bingo simulate the social experience of live bingo parlors.

Online bingo halls include state of the art chat room and instant messaging software, allowing players to chat with their fellow contestants and make friends while they play bingo. A lot of online bingo players make friends in their favorite internet bingo parlor. Often, these bingo players are quite loyal to their favorite online bingo site.

Online Bingo Software

Some of the big names in online casino software power online bingo halls. Not all of them were in on the ground floor, but because of the profits available in the online bingo industry, all the big companies have begun to produce their own bingo software.

The big names like Cryptologic, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Playtech power internet bingo websites with their gaming software. Outfits like Boss Media and Proprietary Software are also big names in the online bingo industry.

Large Bingo Jackpots

One of the limitations of brick and mortar bingo parlors is the amount of space available. You can only pack so many people into a live bingo hall. Even the largest bingo establishments have their limits. Lack of space necessarily holds down the size of bingo jackpots, because even "non-profit" bingo organizers have to make a profit.

That isn't the case with online bingo halls. You can have thousands of people playing in one bingo game at a time. This means that some online bingo jackpots grow to huge proportions. If you search around for the highest paying bingo prizes, you'll be astounded at the size of the jackpots you'll find. Of course, the more players playing, the less your chances of winning a prize are. You have the option of going for the big bingo prize, though.

Multiple Bingo Games

If you've ever been in a live bingo hall, you've seen the hardcore bingo players with a whole table full of bingo cards. Bingo players might play 10 bingo cards at a time. With their red dauber, a bingo master works the bingo cards feverishly, trying to maximize his or her chances of hitting a bingo.

This is no different with online bingo. In fact, playing multiple bingo cards is a lot easier in an internet environment than in a land-based bingo hall. It's in the best interest of bingo parlors to have players playing as many cards as possible, so innovations in the past ten years make it easy to point-and-click electronic bingo cards, or even perform some of the functions of the bingo player automatically. Online bingo players are less likely to miss a key bingo than a live bingo player.

Choose Your Favorite Charity

Online bingo halls are held to the same standards as live bingo establishments. Most of them are not-for-profit organizations, which actually means that a certain percentage of the bingo profits go to a state, local, civic or church charity. Check out the associations of your internet bingo site if you care where your bingo losses go.

Bingo Downloads

Online bingo downloads work much the same as with online casino downloaded software. You can download the bingo software to your computer, playing internet bingo through the downloaded software. Alternately, you can play bingo through your browser using an interface like Java or Flash media.

75 Ball Bingo

75-ball Bingo is the one game Americans will be familiar with. 75 Ball bingo is played on a 5x5 bingo card. The hopper has 75 balls. 75-ball Bingo is sometimes called North American Bingo.

90 Ball Bingo

90-ball Bingo is the game played in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and many parts of Europe. This bingo game has a 90-ball hopper and a 9x3 card. Like 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo is a popular online game.

Bingo Networks

A bingo network is a series of bingo websites which "share" the same players. These bingo sites are linked to the same random number generator, meaning that players in these various online bingo halls are actually playing from the same virtual bingo hopper. All players in the bingo network are essentially playing in the same bingo hall.

Way To Go

Online bingo players typically are known for their politeness and camaraderie. One of the phrases often used to congratulate a winner is "WTG", which stands for "way to go". Either will suffice when congratulating your friend on his or her online bingo jackpot.

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