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Getting the Most Out of Online Gambling News

Coming from a player's perspective, online gambling news isn't always the most helpful and exciting stuff to read. In fact, nine times out of ten it isn't even news at all. What you often get showing up in search engine news results are articles, primarily written for SEO purposes, that while timely published, are often not even about "timely" matters. In other words, you get stuff like "VIP Slots Casino Now Offering Slots Tournaments", when in fact, VIP Slots has been offering slots tournaments for the past year or so.

Obviously, for player's who have been around a bit, and know a thing or two about the online gambling industry as a whole, being bombarded with worthless news is...well...worthless - and need I say frustrating too? The good news (pun intended), is that irrelevant content isn't the only kind of news to get published by online casinos and gambling portals. Indeed, some of it is actually timely. Rather than announcing VIP Slots is offering slots tournaments, this will be news that will relay a specific tournament scheduled to take place in the near future, or perhaps a new online casino bonus offer with great signup terms.

And yet there is another kind of news, which although might seem irrelevant and boring, can actually prove to be very helpful for the seasoned or newbie online gambler. It's called "industry news" and is seemingly geared toward people working in the online gambling industry, such as affiliates, marketing folks and even the big operators themselves. Players often gloss over this kind of news, instead looking for the immediate fix to whatever it is they are searching through the news to begin with.

However, industry news shouldn't be brushed off so fast. Much of the information is invaluable, even from a player's perspective, for not only does it give the player a better gauge of understanding how things work within the online gambling industry, it will certainly reveal a trail of information that will practically always have a way of potentially manifesting in the player's favor.

For example, you might very well come across an industry news article discussing the success of recent eCOGRA training courses (something we actually published recently). Big whoop, right? But what if you hadn't heard of eCOGRA up until that point? Taking a closer look, there's a link in the news article to eCOGRA's website, or you simply search it out yourself only to find out that eCOGRA offers one of the highest safety and fairness accreditations an online casino can obtain. And by jove, there's a even list of eCOGRA online casinos for you to play at.

Another good example would be an industry press release recounting the events at a recent online gaming conference. Sure, it might just sound like a big networking event for operators and affiliates, but upon closer look (meaning your read the actual article), you also find there was an awards ceremony - voted by people within the industry itself no less - and there's a list of the top winners, including Best New Online Casino Operator. Sound like a potential place to play. I think so!

In conclusion, while there is certainly lots of garbage online gambling news that gets published on the World Wide Web, don't write it all off. Industry news especially makes for a great learning tool and for providing truly unbiased leads in your search to play at the best betting destinations online.


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