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If you're new to online gambling, or better yet, if you're new to playing blackjack, here's a great way to sharpen your playing skills while playing for real money AND putting less strain on your bankroll: Online Blackjack for Real Money Tournaments. I bring this up because I personally know how long it took for me to discover that blackjack tournaments were even available on the internet! And no, I'm not talking about the quasi-gambling blackjack tournaments that allow you to play for prizes - I'm talking the real money online casino style blackjack with pot percentage winnings.

For example, there's Online Vegas Casino. One of the most popular U.S. friendly online casinos in business today, Online Vegas holds $0.99 entry, 24-hour Blackjack tournaments every day of the week except Sunday's. Offering a shared pot-percentage of winnings to the top 41 finishing players, these Blackjack tournaments offer a solid chance at winning something back. Of course, that all depends on how many $2.49 rebuys you put up, but that becomes a negligible figure when you're only paying a $0.99 entry, $2.49 rebuys AND playing your cards right.

By "playing your cards right", I mean playing with perfect or near-perfect strategy. The thing about incorporating perfect Blackjack strategy 100% of the time is that it takes a lot of practice and drilling. And using your fun-money, practice account at an online casino is a great way to get in as much practice as you need. However, there is something to be said for the psychological aspect of gambling with real money versus fake money. In other words, as soon as real money is on the line, Blackjack players are more inclined to throw strategy out the window at times to follow a hunch, or simply forget the correct action to take. This is precisely why online blackjack tournaments are an excellent step up from unhindered fun-money gambling. The stakes are real, yet there is not as much on the line per bet.

Just like a slots tournament, when you join an online blackjack tournament, your entry fee and all rebuys get you a set value of credits. In the case of Online Vegas Casino's daily BJ tournaments, you're looking at 50 credits. In essence, out from the gate, this amounts to making fifty $1 wagers with only $0.99 of your bankroll on the line. Of course, you could raise your wagers to $5 or $10 a pop, but that all should depend on your overall bankroll size (how much you can afford to lose) and whatever your leaderboard standing is at the time. Again, like a slots tournament, the more credits you earn, the better your leaderboard standings. Obviously, making larger wagers will earn you credits faster. It could also lose you credits faster! My advice is to start off with $1 stakes, pay attention to the other players, and work your way up as the leaderboard begins shaping up. If the end of a betting round or overall tournament is on the horizon and you have some catching up to do, you may want to increase your stakes. Like I said, there's a new tournament every 24 hours, so whatever you do, take it easy and don't push it.

Just keep in mind that online blackjack tournaments consist of multiple betting rounds, with 15-30 hands played per round. You will be at a table with up to six players, in which the "button" rotates from player to player on each hand. The button designates which player is dealt cards first, and consequently, who must act on their hand fist. Tournaments are timed, so you will have less time to think when the button is on you. The upside is that it's a good prod - if you will - to get you to think fast and instill the basic strategy into your mind. Just be ready for it. Also, if you are unsure about your stakes, it's good to pay attention to what the other players are wagering and where they stand compared to your own earnings. In general, you will need to play more aggressively. But like I said, low rebuy's like that offered at Online Vegas will take you a long way.

Online blackjack tournaments are fun and an excellent way to incorporate real money wagering into a newly learned strategy. After you've had some experience doing the tournament scene, you will surely be ready to play real money online blackjack on your own. You might even be ready for multi-hand blackjack games at that point!

More places to join online blackjack tournaments:

For U.S. players, check out Online Vegas and Millionaire Casino. As mentioned, Online Vegas Casino is our top pick. New tournaments start sharply at 8 p.m EST every Monday through Saturday. Entry is only $.99, with $2.49 rebuys and pot percentage winnings shared with the top 41 leaderboard finishers. Tournaments alternate between Vegas Strip and Perfect Pairs - two of the most popular forms of Blackjack. As for Millionaire Casino (one of the longest running Vegas Technology-powered online casinos), they host two weekly blackjack tournaments. The weekday tournament - called the Head2Head - runs from Monday through Thursday and pays pot percentage winnings with a $5 buy-in. The weekend tournament - fittingly called the Weekend Blackjack Classic - goes down from Friday to Sunday and guarantees a $5,000 prize pool with a $10 buy-in.

For non-U.S. players, we give two thumbs up to eCOGRA approved Jackpot Factory, whose online casinos - All Slots and All Jackpots - both offer a "Blackjack Attack" tournament (see their slots tournament schedule for details), and are apparently in the process of launching multi-player blackjack tournaments on a regular basis.


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