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When it comes to finding online slots tournaments for U.S. bettors, let's just say there are not that many options. Granted, if you search around long enough, I'm sure you will find several online casinos more than willing to take your deposit. The more options, the better, right? Well, yes and no. In theory, the more competition (in any industry), the better it gets for the consumer. However, when the supposed competition is actually owned by the same company, the positive benefits of competition tend to trickle down less to the consumer.

Anyone who has been around the online gambling industry long enough will know that many of the online casinos in operation today are owned by the same company, especially U.S. facing online casinos. While not necessarily a bad thing, players need to know whether an online casino is in a "family" of online casinos, before opening an account, so as not to risk any T&C violations. For example, while it's perfectly okay to open multiple accounts within the same network of casinos, it's generally NOT okay to claim multiple welcome bonuses offered by a single network of online casinos. If you're unsure, just read the Bonus T&C's. You should always do that anyhow.

In terms of slots tournaments, these same online casinos are often tied into the same tournament network. So while you might find ten USA online casinos offering slots tournaments, the reality may be that it is all the same tournament! The good news is that by having more online casinos tied together in the same network, there is a solid chance there will be more guaranteed winnings in the collective tournaments. Of course, this varies from casino to casino, as a single well-branded online casino can bring in more players (and money) than 10 moderately-branded online casinos. Tournament activity also depends on the popularity of the software platform, as casinos are often tied into the same tournament network hosted by the software company, which may or may not own and operate some of the online casino licensees.

Online casinos hosted on Vegas Technology Software certainly offer the largest tournament schedules with guaranteed winnings. One of these tournament networks is hosted by Vegas Technology itself and is available at any of the online casinos in the English Harbour Gaming Ventures (EHGV) network, which includes OCS approved sites like Millionaire Casino, VIP Slots, Super Slots, English Harbour and Slots Galore. These sites (among others) pool together to produce a large monthly tournament schedule with guaranteed winnings in the hundreds of thousands. There are daily pot percentage tournaments, generally at least one giant guaranteed slots tournaments each month, and daily video poker, roulette and Blackjack tournaments as well.

Also powered by Vegas Technology, but pooled together in a different tournament schedule are the top-rated OCS online casinos, Go Casino, Grand Vegas, Crazy Slots and Online Vegas. This is the largest guaranteed tournament network available out there, offering hundreds of thousands each month and a comprehensive lineup of daily, weekly and monthly slots tournaments, as well as guaranteed video poker and pot percentage Blackjack tournaments. At the time of publication, this network was offering nearly one-half million dollars in guaranteed tournament winnings for the month, as well as four free tournament entry's to all new players.

Another US online casino offering slots tournaments that is worth mentioning is Rushmore. Powered by RTG Software (which does not operate an in-house tournament network), Rushmore has taken the liberty to launch its very own schedule of daily slots tournaments. Considering how popular Rushmore is with US players, you can expect these tournaments to pay out nicely. Rushmore currently requires all players to login to their account to see the available slots tournaments, so just as soon as soon as they start publishing the schedule on their website for all to see, we will have more information to share.

For the best slots tournaments at USA online casinos, you can't go wrong with any of the above-mentioned destinations. Just remember, if you choose to open an account at more than one online casino in a single network and are looking to claim more than one welcome bonus, check with customer service first and read the T&C's posted on their website to make sure you can do so without violating any bonus terms!


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