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Playing Online Keno With the Payout Table in Mind

If you are at all familiar with the game of Keno, or perhaps even just heard about Keno, there's a good chance what you didn't hear was anything strategy related. The reason being is that, well, there really is no mathematical strategy for playing this lottery-style casino game of chance. Makes sense, huh?

However, try telling that to a Keno-head (somebody who really, really, really loves their Keno). Keno no doubt has a cult following at many land-based casinos, and admittedly, keno in a brick 'n mortar lounge or even a casino restaurant creates an experience that online keno simply cannot. However, internet keno still draws in the crowds and is a stock game to be found at any online casino these days.

As mentioned, there is no mathematical strategy to help improve you odds of winning the big keno jackpot. The one thing you must certainly do is be willing to bet some money. In other words, if you want to win big, you are going to have to spend big. This is precisely why many people shy away from keno and put it off as a sucker bet.

While the game of Keno can certainly return an alarmingly high Casinos Edge, it can be kept in check with some smart and informed bankroll management and betting patterns. This process starts with picking the "correct number of spots", err, numbers on the Keno ticket.

Keep this in mind: The more spots you pick, the more numbers you will need to draw to break even on your bet. In general, it is advised to pick fewer numbers. But if you have a big bankroll and like to take big risks, betting on more numbers may just pay off down the road.

Whatever you choose to do with your money while playing Keno, just be sure to study the payout table beforehand. One of the more popular payout tables is one that pays $1 on three matching numbers of an eleven-spot $1 ticket. In other words, to break even you would need to hit three numbers. Even better is a payout table that offers a $.50 return for hitting two correct numbers. 7-spot tickets are also popular with players who want a nice middle ground in putting their bankroll at risk.

Additional Keno Tips

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- Playing Online Keno With the Payout Table in Mind

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