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Slots Bonus and Keno Bonus One and the Same Thing

If you've ever had a pass-through in a land-based casino, there is no doubt you came across the game of keno. Whether it be a keno video machine, automated keno "ring" or the keno room itself, casinos like to keep their keno players happy. Sure, they would prefer that more players stepped away from the video poker machines to play more keno, yet no matter how few players you actually see sitting down in the keno room, the casinos are going to offer it.

In the online gambling world, keno also has its place. And you might be surprised just how important a "place" this is. In fact, what many internet bettors don't realize is that action at Keno is encouraged just as much by online casinos as slots gambling. Granted, Keno isn't as popular as slots. Nor does it offer the same payouts that slot machines can afford. However, Keno has a very high Casinos Edge, and as you might surmise, online casinos like it when you play games with a high Casinos Edge.

This is precisely why all Slots Bonuses could also be classified as Keno Bonuses. Although most online casinos would rather advertise a free cash bonus as a slots bonus rather than a keno bonus simply because slots is a more popular game, players are always given free reign to use their "slots" bonus to throw down some wagers at the online keno terminal. For anyone unfamiliar with how bonuses work, it's important to note that online casinos always require players to wager bonus money (and accompanying deposits) so many times over before any winnings earned from the bonus can be cashed out.

Furthermore, only wagers made at specific games count toward meeting the wager requirement, a.k.a. game restrictions. The vast majority of bonuses either totally exclude table games from meeting the wager requirement or allow a lower percentage of each wager to do so. Understandably, it's the games that have a higher Casinos Edge, like Keno, that generally come with the most free bonus money. In other words, the online casinos are betting there's a greater chance they will win this money back from you anyways!

But to be fair, the game of Keno can pay off handsomely. It actually pays out some of the largest jackpots in the casino. It's just that the odds of winning the "big one" are paramount to winning the lottery. However, diehard keno gamblers will be the first to tell you that you don't need to win a huge jackpot to make some profit and have some great fun at this straightforward and exciting game. So, the next time you're at your favorite online casino and are about to claim the latest free "slots" bonus, just remember that you place your bets at the game of Keno as well.

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- Slots Bonus and Keno Bonus One and the Same Thing
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