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Yemen Gambling

Yemeni Gambling Laws

Gambling is illegal in Yemen. This is primarily due to the republic being an Islamic state. Islam strictly forbids its followers from engaging in gambling.

The nation also tightly controls what citizens can access via the Internet. Filtering technology is used to weed out (among other things) gay and lesbian material, gambling sites, dating sites, sex education sites and sites which deal with converting Muslims to other religions.

Facts About Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is a Middle Eastern country bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman. The only republic in the Arabian Peninsula, it also controls over 200 islands to the south of the country. The estimated population is 20 million. Prior to 1990, Yemen existed as two separate entities (North and South Yemen).

Yemen’s economy is heavily reliant on remittances from Yemeni citizens living abroad. Many of these citizens are situated in places such as Israel, UK, India, East Africa and the United States. China and the Soviet Union have also provided financial assistance in the past.

The average woman gives birth to seven children, giving Yemen one of the highest birth rates in the world. This is similar to the birth rate in Somalia.

Arabic is the official language, since most residents trace their bloodlines back to Arabian origins. In major cities, English can also be found frequently.

There are two main Islamic groups in Yemen: Sunni ad Shi’a. The Sunnis comprise about 50 to 55% of the population, while 42 to 48% of residents belong to the Shi’a faith.

In the past, Yemen has been accused of human rights violations ranging from torture and police brutality to freedom of the press and women’s rights. There has been some improvement over the years, but many claim that abuses are still quite common.

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