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Wallis and Futuna Gambling

Wallisian and Futunan Gambling Laws

There are no casinos on Wallis and Futuna. While it is unknown if gambling is technically illegal, it is certain that no major organized gambling operations exist. This is due to the island’s small size, isolation and limited economy.

Wallis and Futuna Island Information

Officially known as the Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands, it is a French island territory located in the South Pacific. It is comprised of three volcanic tropical islands and several tiny islets, and it is located between Samoa and Fiji. The capital is Mata’ utu, which is located on the island of Wallis. Wallis is also the most populated island, and a 2003 census puts the total population at 14,944.

The territory is split into two major island groups. Wallis Islands is one, and it is also known as Uvea. The Futuna Islands are another, and they have also been known as the Hoorn Islands.

The islands were discovered in the 17th and 18th centuries, but they were not settled until French missionaries arrived in 1837 to convert the population to Catholicism.

In 1917, the chiefdoms were annexed to France and made into the Colony of Wallis and Futuna. In 1959, residents voted to become a French overseas territory, and this came into effect in 1961.

Controversy arose in 2005, when King Tomasi Kulimoetoke II provided sanctuary to his grandson who had been convicted of manslaughter. While many wished to replace the king, his supporters took to the streets and rioted. This demonstration of support was successful, as he stayed in office until his death in 2007.

The majority of the labor force is devoted to agriculture, with vegetables and coconuts being the primary crops. Fishing and pig farming are also common, as well as yams, taro, goats and breadfruit. About four percent of the population is employed by the government. Most revenue comes from foreign aid, remittances, import taxes and the sale of fishing rights to South Korea and Japan.

The official currency is the CFP Franc. The main religion is Roman Catholic, and the major languages are French and either Wallisian or Futunian.

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