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Gambling in Vatican City

Vatican City Betting Laws

By Reno Rollins

Gambling in Vatican City is not allowed. It is prohibited for two main reasons.

1. The nation is about the size of a golf course.

2. Vatican City is the center of the Catholic faith.

Facts About Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world by both area and population. Located within a walled enclave in Rome, it has a population under 900 (and not a single street address) The state came into existence after the signing of the Lateran Treaty in 1929.

Vatican City is ruled by the Pope, and it is one of the most visited places of worship in the world - bringing in more than 25 million tourists every year.

Citizenship is gained when a person is hired to work in Vatican City. In most cases, a person also loses their citizenship when they cease to hold a position in Vatican City.

Vatican City is guarded by the smallest regular army in the world, the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Formed in 1506 as the personal bodyguard of the Pope, the Swiss Guard numbered 134 in 2005. All guards are unmarried Swiss males of the Catholic faith. Modern guards carry pistols and submachine-guns.

The Vatican has no set official language, although Latin and Italian are used most frequently. ATM machines in Vatican City actually offer Latin as a language choice on their menu.

Vatican City issues its own coins, but it has used the Euro as its official currency since January 1st, 1999. Vatican euro coins are highly sought after by collectors. The country also has its own bank, known as the Istituto per le Opere di Religione or Vatican Bank.

Due to its small size, Vatican City has the highest per capita crime rate in the world, more than 20 times higher than Italy. Most of these crimes are due to the pick pockets and purse snatchers who prey on tourists. 90% of the crimes remain unsolved.

Vatican City is home to some of the most famous cultural sites in the world, including the Vatican Library, St. Peterís Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

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