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Gambling in Reno

Casino Information for Reno, Nevada

Reno GamblingReno started as a railroad town, the primary city on the railroad line between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. People traveling to San Francisco and Northern California often traveled the line via Reno.

Gambling Comes to Reno

Reno was once the gambling capitol of the U.S. After the state passed pro-gambling legislation in 1931, Reno became a favorite casino resort town. In fact, as late as the fifties, Reno had claim to America's foremost gambling center. With its liberal divorce laws and booming casino establishment, Reno became a favorite place for Americans looking to get away, either on vacation or from a failing marriage.

The proximity of Las Vegas to Los Angeles and the growing influx of musicians and Hollywood celebrities made Vegas the place to be from the late-fifties onward. Still, Reno remains the second biggest gambling attraction in Nevada, boasting a few more casinos even than Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Lake Tahoe

Reno is associated with nearby Lake Tahoe. In winter, Tahoe operates several ski resorts. In summer, people flock to Lake Tahoe to enjoy water sports. This makes Reno a year-round resort town, in addition to being a major casino destination.

Below is a current list of casinos found in the Reno area.

Reno Casinos Reno

  • Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa
  • Bonanza Casino
  • Boomtown Hotel & Casino
  • Circus Circus Hotel Casino Reno
  • Club Cal Neva Hotel Casino
  • FHC Holdings
  • Fitzgeralds Casino Hotel - Reno
  • Gold Dust West
  • Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
  • Harrah's Reno Casino and Hotel
  • Peppermill Hotel Casino
  • Sands Regency Hotel Casino
  • Siena Hotel Spa and Casino
  • Silver Legacy Resort Casino
  • Tamarack Junction Casino and Restaurant

Sparks, Nevada borders Reno and therefore could be considered part of the Reno casino scene. Here is a list of casinos in Sparks, Nevada.

Casinos in Sparks

  • Baldini's Sports Casino
  • John Ascuaga's Nugget
  • Rail City Casino
  • Silver Club Hotel and Casino
  • Western Village Inn and Casino

Nevada State Lottery

Ironically, Nevada is one of a handful of U.S. states that does not have a state lottery. In fact, the lottery is the one major form of gambling that is not legal in the state of Nevada.

Lawmakers have proposed a Nevada State Lottery 25 times since 1975, though the motion has never passed. The Nevada State Legislature passed a new motion in 2007 to start the process towards a state lottery, though the Nevada State Senate would also have to ratify the motion before it ever reached the ballot.

A Nevada lottery would be used to pay for school text books, though opponents of the motion point out that lotteries target the "working poor". The casino industry of Nevada has never been very keen on the idea of a Nevada State Lottery, so it's uncertain whether this motion will ever pass.

Pari-Mutuel Betting in Reno

About two-thirds of the casinos in Reno have their own race book. Several of these are owned by Cal Neva, and therefore are rather similar. Harrah's and Circus Circus obviously have their own racing books.

Here is the full list of casinos which offer racing bets in Reno: Atlantis, Circus Circus Reno, Club Cal Neva, FHC Holdings, Grand Sierra, Harrah's Reno, Peppermill, Sands Regency, Siena, Silvery Legacy.

Also, 3 of the 5 casinos in Sparks offer racetrack betting. The casinos which offer a race book are Baldini's Casino, John Ascuaga's Casino and the Silver Club Casino.

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