Louisiana Gambling

Louisiana Casino Gambling

Louisiana is home to 22 major casinos spread out across the state, however the majority of the gambling occurs in the four main cities: Baton Rouge, Bossier City, New Orleans and Shreveport. Louisiana Casinos are often riverboat casinos moored to the banks of Louisiana rivers. These casinos cater to weekend tourists and high rollers, often gamblers who come over from Texas. The biggest of the state's casinos is most certainly Harrah's New Orleans Casino with an immaculate 115,000 square foot gaming floor. This casino contains over 2,000 gaming machines, nearly 130 gaming tables and nine restaurants in this 450 room Hotel/Casino. Throughout the state you can play a variety of slot machines and tables ranging from five dollar blackjack to "Let it Ride". The state age minimum to gamble in a casino is 18, but some casinos require gamblers to be 21 to throw in their chips.

Louisiana Lottery

In Louisiana you have the opportunity to play three types of lottery style games, provided that you are 18 (or 21 in some cases). Louisiana offers a variety of different scratch off lottery games, the "Lotto" statewide draw style game, and the multi state "Powerball" lottery. "The Lotto" consists of players choosing six numbers, 1-40, for one dollar per play. Drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday of every week. The Lotto was founded in January of 1992 as Louisiana's first draw style lottery game. The game now has a minimum jackpot payout of $250,000. In 1998 the state added a three dollar prize level for contestants who matched three of their six numbers correctly, this significantly reduced the odds of winning from 1 in 655 to 1 in 30. The overall odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 3.8 million and over 160 people have hit the jackpot since the Lotto was founded in 1992.

Louisiana Pari-Mutuel Betting

There are four main horse tracks or "racinos" in Louisiana. Harrah's Louisiana Downs in Bossier City, Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans, Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino in Opelousas and Delta Downs Racetrack, Casino and Hotel in Vinton. The biggest of these, Evangeline Downs, has an 80,000 square foot gaming facility on site with over 1,600 games to play. All (excluding Fair Grounds in New Orleans) are open 24 hours a day; Fair Grounds closes at midnight and opens at 9 a.m. (10 a.m. on Sunday). The 2008-2009 racing season at Fair Grounds will be it's 137th season, establishing itself as the third oldest track in the nation.

One can place your money at the tracks on thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Like the casinos, the racinos are spread throughout the state depending on the individual track. The minimum age to play the ponies at the tracks in Louisiana is 18.

Louisiana Bingo

Louisiana also is home to nearly 50 Bingo halls, scattered throughout the state. Bingo in Louisiana, like in many other states, must be run as a nonprofit or charitable institution. To say that Bingo isn't popular in Louisiana would not be true, but Bingo is often overshadowed by the booming casino industry. So if the flashing lights and slot machines prove to be too overwhelming, a trip to a local Knights of Columbus or VFW for some good old fashioned, no frills, smoke filled Bingo fun is always within close range in Louisiana.

Louisiana Online Gambling

Gambling in Louisiana is strictly prohibited under state law and can be punished with a maximum penalty of $500 or up to 6 months in prison. The state claims this legislation is a remedy to compulsive gambling and for the welfare of Louisiana's inhabitants. The underlying economic advantage of ensuring gamblers pay their losses to state regulated casinos by making privatized internet gambling illegal cannot be overlooked however.

Louisiana Casino Cruises

Since casino gambling is legal throughout the state of Louisiana, the Casino cruise is not an essential form of gambling, but the industry of riverboat casinos thrives none the less. With Louisiana's access to many rivers, riverboat casinos such as the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino have become a quite popular staple in the Louisiana gaming culture.

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