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Tanzania Gambling

Tanzanian Gambling Laws

Tanzania allows casino gambling and lottery gaming. There are eight casinos found in Tanzania at the moment, as well as one major lottery.

Casinos in Tanzania

Safari Casino - Arusha - Safari Casino has 24 gaming machines and 4 gaming tables. These tables include Poker, Blackjack and American Roulette. The casino property also includes a restaurant, bar, gym and 86 room hotel. The Safari Casino phone number is +255 27 250 4229.

Le Grande Casino - Dar es Salaam - Le Grande Casino has 100 gaming machines and 8 gaming tables. The casino stays open from noon everyday until "close". The contact information for Le Grande Casino is +255 74 826 0118.

New Africa Hotel & Casino - Dar es Salaam - New Africa Casino offers 11 casino game tables and 175 slot machines. The casino games featured are blackjack, roulette and poker. The casino property also holds a three restaurants, a bar, a coffee shop, a gift shop, a cocktail lounge and a 230-room hotel. The slot machines stays active from noon until close, while the table games are open from 2pm until close. New Africa Casino holds a bingo hall from 4pm until close. New Africa Hotel and Casino can be reached by dialing +255 22 211 7050 or visiting the web site at

Sea Cliff Casino & Sea Cliff Hotel - Dar es Salaam - Sea Cliff Casino includes 7 casino gaming tables and 67 slots. The csino holds 2 restaurants, a hotel and a bar. The cuisine at the restaurants include an Indian menu, an international menu and bar food, along with bar drinks. The general information number for Sea Cliff Casino is =255 22 260 03807.

Kings Casino - Mwanza - Kings Casino has 28 gaming machines and 7 gaming tables. The casino floor is open from noon until midnight every day. Call +255 28 250 1065 for inquiries and information about Kings Casino in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Hotel Casino - Dar es Salaam - For more information about Kilimajaro Casino, call +51 212 81 or +51 465 29.

Club Billicanos - Dar es Salaam - Club Billicanos is located in Simu Street in Dar Es Salaam in the Republic of Tanzania.

Las Vegas Casino - Dar es Salaam - Las Vegas casino offers games like roulette and vingt et un, more famously known as blackjack or 21.

Lottery in Tanzania

The Tanzania National Lottery is operater by Selcom Gaming and Openlot Systems.

Beginning in 2005, gamblers on the Tanzanian lottery can play a mobile phone lottery. Tanzania was the first African lottery with telecommunications lotto capababilities. Openlot Systems is located in the Netherlands, while Selcom Gaming is located in Tanzania. The Big Sweep is a major lottery game in Tanzania.

The Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation Grand Lottery

A lottery was founded in 2006 to help finance the building of a library to house documents relatated to the founder of Tanzania, Mwalimu (Julius) Nyerere. The lottery included raffles for such prizes as jeeps, tractors, motorcycles, television sets, bicycles, hand plows and sewing machines. There were no cash prizes in the Grand Lottery, which is no longer active.

Tanzanian Information

Tanzania became one of Germany's East African colonies in the 1880's. The Germans would govern Tanzania until 1919, when the Allied Powers of World War I stripped Germany of her overseas colonies. Tanzania became part of a League of Nations mandate held by the British Empire under the name Tanganyika.

Tanzania gained independence from the British Empire in 1964 under Julius Nyerere. Nyerere began his political rise in 1954, when he founded a political party while still a school teacher. By 1964, he was the leader of the Tanzanians. Tanganyika united with Zansibar, which had overthrown an imposed sultan in favor of politicians representing the local African majority.

Tanzania is a modern word with no meaning before 1964. Tanzania is a simply combination of Tanganyika and Zanzibar which was adopted when the two nations unified.

Tanzania was invaded by Idi Amin's Uganda in 1979. Tanzania was much larger than Uganda, and quickly repelled the invasion. The Tanzanians went further and invaded Uganda with the aid of exiled Ugandans. This invasion forced Idi Amin to flee his country, effectively ending his despotic rule over that nation.

Nyerere remained in office until 1985. His party would retain control of Tanzanian politics until 1995, when Tanzania held its first free elections. The current president of Tanzania is Jakaya Kikwete, who is the fourth president of modern Tanzania.

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