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Sri Lanka Gambling

Sri Lankan Gambling Information

Casino and lottery gambling is legal in Sri Lanka. The lottery is regulated by the National Lotteries Board, which offers a wide variety of lotteries, instant win tickets and online lotto games.

Despite a varied gambling culture, the authorities of Sri Lanka sometimes have harsh crackdowns on betting. One famous legal case involves the police of Colomba smashing a lottery stand, which led the lottery vendor to take his case on civil rights before the Sri Lankan Supreme Court. This case is still pending as of early 2008.  

Sin Taxes on Gambling

There are other indications that Sri Lanka has an ambivalent attitude towards gambling. This was underscored in 2004 when Sri Lankan officials imposed "sin taxes" on casinos on the island. Other goods and services included in the tax were alcohol and luxury goods.

Casinos in Sri Lanka

Most of the casinos in Sri Lanka are small by American standards, often limited to a few gaming tables. Poker games are unlikely to be found, though blackjack, roulette and baccarat can be found in the casinos of Colomba.

Of the nine casinos in Sri Lanka, eight of them are found in Colomba. Some of these casinos sport famous American casino brand names, like Bally's and Bellagio.

Here is a list of Sri Lankan casinos.

Bally's Club (Colombo) - Bally's Club in Colomba has 4 blackjack tables. Call Bally's at +94 11 2573497.

Bellagio Casino (Colombo) - Offer table games, including Blackjack.

Continental Club (Colombo) - The fax number for Continental Club is +94 11 2595432.

Crown Club (Colombo 3)

MGM Club (Colombo 4)

Star Dust Club (Columbo 3) - This casino offers blackjack, baccarat and roulette on 4 different tables. The contact information for Star Dust Sri Lanka is +94 11 2573493.

The Ritz Club (Colombo 3) - The Ritz Club is the largest gambling establishment in Sri Lanka, with 6 blackjack tables, 6 baccarat tables and 4 roulette tables. A former Malaysian princess, Datin Arina Binti Abdullah, is said to have lost over $6 million at this casino in 2004. The number for this casino is +94 11 2341496.

Tokyo Club (Colombo 3) - The contact information for Tokyo Club is +94 11 2574125.

Kollupitiya Casino (Kollupitiya 3) - This casino is found on St. Anthony's Mawatha street in Kollupitiya, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Lottery

Sri Lanka has a thriving lottery, directed by the National Lotteries Board, sometimes known as the NLB. The internet versio of the NLB is the Online National Lotteries LTD, sometimes known as the ONL. The ONL started a 2005 program to set up lottery terminals throughout the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The Sarana National Lottery also was set up in 2005 to support the post-tsumani relief effort.

The National Lotteries Board has received sharp criticism from other Sri Lankans over the years. The Auditor General of Sri Lanka was known to criticize the National Lotteries Board, which has existed since 1963, in 2007. When the NLB signed a contract with a private printer in 2008, the State Printing corporation was highly critical of the move.

The NLB uses Oberthur Gaming Technology or OGT as their instant ticket vendor. To contact the NLB, call +94 1 421 891 or fax at +94 1 421 897.

Sports Betting in Sri Lanka

There does not appear to be any sports books in Sri Lanka. Sports are popular in Sri Lanka, including cricket, volleyball, soccer (football), rugby and tennis.

Pari-Mutuel Wagers in Sri Lanka

There are no known horsetracks in Sri Lanka.

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