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Sierra Leone Gambling

Sierra Leonean Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

Gambling is legal in Sierra Leone, at least as it applies to casino gaming and the lottery. There is no evidence that sports betting is legal or even exists.

Casinos in Sierra Leone

There is one casino in Sierra Leone. It is:

Bintumani Hotel & Casino (11 Man of War Bay, Aberdeen Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone) This casino also offers a restaurant, bar and 126-room hotel. For more information, call +232 22 272 778.

Lottery in Sierra Leone

The following lottery games are available from the Sierra Leone State Lottery Company:

- Mini - 10/90
- Kick Po
- Pik 6

The Sierra Leone State Lottery recently announced that it was increasing its current ticket and book price of Le 500 and Le 12,500, respectively. It also announced that it would increase its products’ winning payout prizes and reduce the payment waiting time. These changes went into effect in 2007.

In November of 2007, the State Lottery announced their all-time highest individual winner in their Mini-5 weekly draw. That same month, the State Lottery Company invited police, journalists and an external auditor to examine the organization’s security procedures.


Sierra Leone is located in West Africa and bordered by Guinea and Liberia. The capital and largest city is Freetown.

The country was first inhabited by the Temne, Limba and Sherbro peoples. In 1462, Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra visited the country and gave it the name Sierra Leone (which means “Lion Mountains”). The country had formerly been known as Romarong.

It became a center for slave trade until 1787. This was when Freetown was founded, which was a home for formerly enslaved West Indians and African Americans. Freetown became a British Crown Colony in 1808, and the interior became a British Protectorate in 1896. The two areas combined and were granted independence in 1961.

In 1991, the Sierra Leone Civil War erupted, mainly due to corruption within the government and mismanagement of diamond resources. It would last until the United Nations defeated the rebel forces in 2002.

Sierra Leone is divided into the Northern, Eastern and Southern Provinces. These provinces are further divided into 12 districts. They are:

- Bombali
- Koinadugu
- Tonkolili
- Port Loko
- Kambia
- Kenema
- Kono
- Kailahun
- Bo
- Bonthe
- Moyamba
- Pujehun

Sierra Leone relies on diamond mining for much of its economic base. They also have one of the largest rutile (titanium ore used for welding rod coatings) deposits in the world. Two-thirds of the population engages in subsistence agriculture.

The official currency of Sierra Leone is the Leone. Credit cards are accepted at major hotels and restaurants, but their use may be limited in other locations. The country does not have internationally linked ATM machines.

The population of the country is estimated to be 5.9 million. The largest concentration of people can be found in the city of Freetown, which is estimated to contain 1,070,200 residents.

English is the official language in schools and business situations. However, the language most commonly spoken in day-to-day life is Krio, which is derived from English and several African languages.

Sierra Leone is comprised of a total of 15 different ethnic groups. The two largest are the Mende and the Temne. Others include the Limba, Kono, Krio, Mandingo, Sherbro, Kissi, Kuranko, Loko, Fula, Susu, Yalunka, Vai and Sierra Leonean-Lebanese.

It is estimated that 60% of the country follows Islam, while another 10% belong to Christianity, and the remaining 30% believe in indigenous religions. Other reports, however, have the country being evenly split between Islam and Christianity.

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