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Sao Tome and Principe Gambling

Sao Tome Gambling Laws

There does not appear to be any gambling on the islands of Sao Tome and Principe. However, the government of the islands voted to liberalize the gambling industry in 2005. While the establishment of casinos was unanimously approved, no facilities have been constructed on either Sao Tome or Principe.

Facts About Sao Tome & Principe

Officially known as the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, this island nation is located off the coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea. It is comprised of the islands of Sao Tome and Principe. In terms of population, it is the second-smallest African country. It is also the smallest Portuguese-speaking nation in the world.

Major cities include:

- Trinidade
- Sao Tome
- Santa Catarina
- Ribeira Afonso
- Neves
- Guadalupe
- Santo Amaro
- Santo Antonio
- Belo Monte
- Infante Don Henrique

The country is divided into two provinces: Sao Tome and Principe. These provinces are further divided into seven districts, with the larger island of Sao Tome containing six of the districts.

These islands were uninhabited before the arrival of Portuguese explorers between 1469 and 1471. Joao de Santarem and Pedro Escobar discovered the islands during this period. Upon discovery, it was decided that the islands would make good bases for Portuguese trade operations.

Portugal abolished slavery in 1876, but forced paid labor continued on the islands. This continued until 1953, when hundreds of African laborers were killed in a fight with their Portuguese rulers. This event was known as the “Batepa Massacre” and remains a historical milestone in the history of the islands.

Principe and Sao Tome gained independence on July 12th, 1975. In 1990, they became one of the first African countries to embrace democratic reform. Nonviolent elections were first held in 1991.

In 2003, the army seized power for one week, complaining that the government was corrupt and oil revenues would not be divided fairly. An agreement was reached, and the president was restored to his office.

From the 1800s on, the economy of the islands has been based on plantation agriculture, with the major crop being cocoa. Coffee, palm kernels and copra also make up import crops.

Offshore oil has been discovered in recent years, and many expect this to signal a boom for the economy of the islands. Major production in the petroleum sector got underway in 2007.

It is estimated that 6,000 people live on Principe and 137,500 on Sao Tome. Almost all of these residents are descended from ethnic groups that migrated to the islands after 1485.

The country has four national languages. They are: Portuguese, Forro, Angolar and Principense. Portuguese is the national language, and French is also taught in public schools.

The primary religion on Sao Tome and Principe is Roman Catholicism.

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