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Saint Martin Gambling

St. Martin Gambling Information

There is no gambling in the French territory of Saint Martin, although you can find casinos a few miles away in the Dutch-controlled Saint Maarten. As you may know, the island of Saint Martin is the smallest landmass shared by two independent states (French and Dutch).

Facts About Sint Maarten

Located in the Caribbean, Saint Martin is an overseas collectivity of France. It exists in the northern part of the island of Saint Martin, with the southern part being the Dutch-controlled Sint Maarten. The capital of Saint Martin is Marigot., and the French side has a land area of 20.5 square miles.

According to a 2004 census, the population was 33,102. This is a dramatic increase from only 8,072 inhabitants in 1982.

The official currency of Saint Martin is the euro, but the US dollar is also commonly found in circulation.

The primary religions on the island include Roman Catholic, Hindu, Protestant and Jehovah’s Witness.

French is the official language, but visitors may also be exposed to Dutch, English, French Patois, Spanish and Papiamento.

The economy of Saint Martin relies heavily on tourism, with 85% of the labor force devoted to this sector. Each year, over one million tourists visit the French side of the island.

The island of Saint Martin was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493. He claimed it for Spain, but the Dutch occupied the island in 1631 and made use of its salt deposits.

Spain retook the island in 1633, but problems persisted with the Dutch. In 1648, Spain abandoned the island and left it to the French and Dutch.

In 1939, the island became a free port. In the 1970s, tourism began to expand, and this has continued through present day.

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