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There are no casinos or organized gambling on the island of Saint Lucia, but this could change in the near future. In the past, it has been illegal for citizens to gamble or enter a casino. However, the government seems to have changed its anti-gambling stance in recent years, hoping that casinos could boost tourism.

The Treasure Bay Casino received a license to become the first casino in Saint Lucia, and it was scheduled to open its doors in December of 2006. It did not open in 2006, and the target date was later moved back to late 2007. That date also passed without any activity. As of this writing (early 2008), there are still no casinos in Saint Lucia.

Information About Saint Lucia

An island nation in the Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia is located northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. One of the Winward Islands, it was first visited by Europeans in 1500 and later colonized by France in 1660.

England and France would go to war over the island 14 times, with Great Britain finally gaining permanent control. In 1979, Saint Lucia became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, but executive power is held by a prime minister and cabinet.

Castries is the capital city and home to one-third of the islandís population. Other major towns include Gros Islet, Vieux Fort and Soufriere.

Saint Lucia is divided into ten quarters. These include:

- Anse la Rave
- Canaries
- Castries
- Choiseul
- Dennery
- Forest
- Gros Islet
- Laborie
- Micoud
- Soufriere
- Vieux Fort

Tourism is important to the economy of the island, with most tourists visiting between January and April. Attractions include a drive-in volcano, rain forests, beaches, resorts and botanical gardens.

Most residents are of African descent, but Europeans and Indo-Caribbeans can also be found. A small Lebanese and Syrian community also exists. English is the official language of the island, but Kweyolaka is also spoken by 90% of the population.

Seventy-percent of the population is Roman Catholic, with the remainder being made up of Anglicans, Evangelicals, Rastafari. Pentecostalists and Seventh-Day Adventists.

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