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Niger Gambling

Nigerien Gambling and the Lottery

With the exception of a national lottery, no other evidence can be found of organized gambling in Niger. This is most likely due to eighty-percent of the nation following the teachings of Islam, which preaches that gambling is evil and should be forbidden.

Niger Facts

Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa. It is bordered by Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Libya and Algeria. Just less than double the size of Texas, the country’s capital is Niamey.

The nation is divided into 7 departments and a capital district. They are:

- Agadez
- Diffa
- Dosso
- Maradi
- Tahoua
- Tillaberi
- Zinder
- Niamey (capital district)

Niger is a member of the United Nations and served on the UN Security Council from 1980 until 1981. They are charter members of the African Union and also belong to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Niger gained its independence from France in 1960. Until 1991, they were under single-party and military rule. A democratic election was held in 1993 due to public pressure, but then a military coup was led in 1996. Another coup was led in 1999, and democracy was restored. In 2007, several military targets were attacked by radicals in the northern regions of the country.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Niger depends heavily on foreign aid. The economy centers around uranium deposits, livestock (camels, goats, sheep and cattle) and crops. Deposits of limestone, iron, coal, iron and phosphates have also been found in Niger.

With occasional drought cycles and a general downturn in the global uranium market, the nation’s economy has continued to suffer. In 2005 alone, drought and a locust infestation left 2.5 million Nigeriens facing a food shortage.

The country’s largest ethnic groups are comprised of the Hausa and the Djerma-Songhai. Most of these people function as sedentary farmers. Other nomadic peoples include the Fulani, Tuareg, Kanuri, Arabs and Toubou.

Eighty-percent of the population follows Islam, while 15% practices animism. The remaining population practices either Protestant or Catholic Christianity.

There are between 8 and 20 indigenous languages in Niger. The official language is French.

Lottery in Niger

The first lottery appeared in Niger in 1966. In 1993, the National Lottery of Niger was introduced. The country’s lottery is managed by Loterie Nationale du Niger, and their website is located at (please note that the website is in French). Lottery offices are located in the following cities:

- Niamey
- Maradi
- Tahoua
- Dosso
- Zinder
- Agadez

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