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Monaco Gambling

Monegasque Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

Gambling in Monaco first became legal in 1863. Financial problems within the Principality led Prince Charles the III to introduce the first major casino. He signed a 50-year franchise contract with Francois Blanc, the inventor of the single zero roulette game, to construct the now-legendary Monte Carlo Casino.
Because of the contract, roulette remained exclusive to Monaco until 1933.

Since 1863, the Societe des Bains de Mer have had a monopoly on gaming in Monaco. Slot machines appeared in France in 1985, but they had been established in Monaco many years before.

Monacan Poker

In 2004, the Monaco Government Tourist Office announced that a poker tournament would be taking place in Monaco for the first time in history. Dubbed the Monte Carlo Millions, it has since become one of many poker events to take place in the Principality.

Backgammon in Monaco

The World Backgammon Championship takes place in Monte Carlo on a yearly basis. It has been in operation for over 30 years, with the event currently taking place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

Casinos in Monaco

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter a Monaco casino. Currently, there are five casinos in operation within the country. They are:

- Café de Paris Casino (Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco) Open daily from 5pm until close, this casino offers 400 gaming machines. 10 restaurants are also located on the premises. All major currencies are accepted, and French and English are spoken by the staff. For more information, call +377 92 16 2000 or visit their website at

- Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort (40 Avenue Princess Grace, Monte Carlo, Monaco) Open daily from 2pm until 2am, this casino has 145 gaming machines and a 334-room hotel. For more information, call +377 98 06 0200 or visit their website at

- Monte Carlo Sporting Club and Casino (Salle Des Palmiers, 1 Avenue Princess Grace, Monte Carlo, Monaco) This casino offers 62 gaming machines and 24 table and poker games (including: 30-40, Auto Roulette, Baccarat, Banque a tout ya, Blackjack, Chemin de Fer, Craps, English Roulette and Punto Banco). A number of restaurants and bars are also located on the premises. All major currencies are accepted at the current exchange rate, and a tie and jacket dress code is enforced. A 100 franc entrance fee is charged for casino patrons, and a private gaming area is offered for high rollers. For more information, call +377 92 16 2000.

- Sun Casino - Monte Carlo Grand Hotel (12 Avenue des Spelugues, Monte Carlo, Monaco) Slot machines are available daily from 11am until 4am. Other games are available weekdays from 5pm until 4am and weekends from 4pm until 4am. The casino has a total of 450 gaming machines and 27 table games (including: 30-40, American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Chemin de Fer, Craps and Punto Banco). A 650-room hotel and four restaurants are also located on the property. For more information, call +377 92 16 2123. All major forms of currency are accepted at the current exchange rate, and French and English are spoken by the staff.

- The Monte Carlo Casino (Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco) This casino offers 316 gaming machines and 35 table games (including: Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, English Roulette, French Roulette, Mini Punto Banco and Punto Banco). Three restaurants are also located on the premises. For more information, call +377 92 16 2000.

Monegasque Information

Monaco is a country bordered both by the Mediterranean Sea and France. It is the most densely populated country in the world, as well as the world’s smallest French-speaking country. The population is estimated to be 32,410, with a land area of only 485 acres. Since 1911, the country has been a constitutional monarchy, with the head of state being the Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

Monaco is not a member of the European Union, but they have close ties due to their relationship with France. Before 2002, the nation minted their own coins known as the Monegasque franc. Since that time, they have switched to the euro as the accepted form of currency.

Since the state has no income tax, many citizens of Monaco are wealthy individuals from elsewhere. The most popular of these tend to be Formula One drivers. The majority, however, are simply wealthy business people from abroad.

The country is considered one large municipality. Prior to 1917, municipalities includes Monaco, Monte Carlo and La Condamine. Since the merging of the municipalities, a number of wards have been added. These include: Fontvieille, Moneghetti, Laryotto, La Rousse/Saint Roman, Saint Michael, La Colle and Les Revoires. By 2014, plans have been made to settle the new ward of Le Portier.

Tourism is a main source of income for Monaco. Numerous cruise ships dock in the harbor, and customers flock to the local casinos. It is also one of the most expensive places in the world, as evidenced by the fact that they have the most expensive real estate in Europe.

French nationals make up the largest group of citizens in Monaco (47%). Native Monegasque and Italians both make up 16%. The rest are comprised of over 120 other nationalities. The average age of a citizen is 45, which is the highest in the world.

The official language is French, but the native Monegasque is now taught in all schools. Other languages commonly found are Italian, English, Monegasque and Occitan. The nation’s literacy rate is estimated to be at 99%.

Roman Catholicism is the main religion of the country. The Anglican and Jewish faiths are also represented in Monaco. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the country’s constitution.

The country is home to the Monaco Grand Prix, an annual Formula One race held in the streets of the city since 1929. Building the course takes six weeks, with another three weeks for removal. Due to tight corners and numerous elevation changes, it is viewed as the most difficult Formula One track in the world.

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