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Mayotte Gambling

Maore Gaming Laws

There are no casinos or organized gambling in Mayotte. Its remote location makes tourism scarce, and this may serve as a contributing factor. Though the islands of Mayotte are French possessions, local laws are heavily influenced by the Muslim majority. This fact allows influences the anti-betting stance of the local laws.

Facts About Mayotte

Mayotte is an overseas collectivity of France. Located in the Indian Ocean, it is between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique. It is geographically part of the Comoro Islands, but has been considered politically separate since the 1970s.

Mayotte is comprised of the main island of Grande-Terre, the smaller island of Petite-Terre and a number of surrounding islets. The land area of Mayotte is about twice the size of Washington, DC.

Most of the economy centers around fishing and livestock. The island is not self-sufficient, and many of their goods must be imported from France.

Mayotte is divided into 17 communes. They are:

- Dzaoudzi
- Pamandzi
- Mamoudzou
- Dembeni
- Bandrele
- Kani-Keli
- Boueni
- Chirongui
- Sada
- Ouangani
- Chiconi
- Tsingoni
- MíTsangamouji
- Acoua
- Mtsamboro
- Bandraboua
- Koungou

The first rule on Mayotte was established in 1500 by the Maore. After numerous conflicts over the island, it was ceded to France in 1843. In 1974 and 1976, it became the sole island in the archipelago to forego independence and retain its link with France. It became an overseas community in 2003, and Mayotte is scheduled to become an overseas department of France in 2011.

The euro is the official currency of the island. French is the official language, although a number of native languages also exist (Shimaore, Kibushi and Kiantalaotsi).

It is estimated that 186,452 people live on the island of Mayotte. Of this number, around 65 percent were born on the island.

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