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Gambling in Malta

Maltese Online Casino Licensing

Malta is one of the hubs on the online gambling industry. Malta licenses over 250 online casinos, an amazing number considering that it licensed none in the year 2000.

But the United Kingdom placed Malta on its "white list" of countries with gambling statutes as stringent as its own, so that gambling operators and gamblers alike trust the licensing authorities on Malta.

Facts About Malta

Malta is an island in the central Mediterranean Sea, located between Sicily to the north and Libya to the south. The population of Malta is somewhere just over 400,000 citizens.

Malta is part of the British Commonwealth, having been a key naval base in the latter stages of the British Empire. Others who have ruled the island are the Roman Empire, the Vandal barbarians, Arab Muslims, French medieval nobility, the Spanish kingdom, the Catholic military order known as the Knights of St. John or Knights of Malta, the French under Napoleon and the British Empire.

The island of Malta was a key base for the U.K. during World War II, as it was a base for naval and air units, as well as a staging ground for the Allies invasions of Sicily and Italy.

Malta joined the European Union in 2004, and continues to liberalize its economy to meet EU requirements. The Maltese economy is based mainly on the export of cotton and tobacco, while its shipyards industry remains an important economic interest.

Casino Gambling in Malta

Malta's economy is strongly supported by gambling money, but this gambling money comes because Malta makes sure the games are fair. Therefore, Malta combines permissive gambling laws with vigorous regulations.

That being said, Malta has only four casinos in the country. That's because the population of Malta has a tiny population, so that there isn't much need for more than four casinos. Tourism is a major facet of the Maltese economy, so the casinos are often filled up with tourists.

Casinos in Malta

The Casino at Portomaso (Portomaso) -  The Portomaso Casino offers 150 gaming machines and 3 poker tables. The contact information is +356 213 837 77, while their website is found at

Oracle Casino and New Dolmen Hotel (Saint Paul's Bay) -The Oracle Casino in Saint Paul's Bay offers 14 gaming tables, including Blackjack, Poker and American Roulette. Visitors will also find 150 slot machines and video poker machines in the casino. The Oracle contact information is +356 215 700 57.

Dragonara Casino (St. Julians) - The Dragonara Casino offers 184 gaming machines, including video poker and video slots. It has a spread of 25 gaming tables, including blackjack, english roulette, Punto Banco, Texas holdem poker, stud poker and other selected poker games. The casino's phone number is +356 213 823 62 and their web address is

Casino di Venezia (Vittoriosa) - The Casino di Venezia has 10 table games, including poker, blackjack, punto banco, roulette and trente quarante. The casino also has 121 gaming machine. The contact number at the Venezia is +356 218 055 80 and the website address is at

Horse Tracks in Malta

With it proximity to Europe and Italy in particular, Malta offers pari-mutuel and horsetrack gambling. The only horsetrack in Malta is at the Marsa Race Track in Marsa.

Sports Gambling in Malta

Online sports books also operate from servers in Malta. Inclusion in the European Union makes Malta a prime spot for internet sportsbooks to seek licensing.

The Maltese Lottery

Malta has one major lottery, which is Maltco Lotteries Limited. Maltco runs all state lotteries for Malta, taking over for the Department of Public Lotto.

Malta offers instant lotteries known as Scratchers, along with the Lotto and the Super 5 Lottery. The newest lottery is the Fixed Odds Betting U*Bet. The lottery industry are regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Maltco started in 2004 and is owned by 73% by the shareholders of Intralot S.A. and 27% by selected Maltese businessmen.

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