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Mali Gambling

Malian Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

There is no gambling in Mali due to the majority of the population being Muslim. In fact, leaders in Mali have universally denounced the practice of gambling. As always, illegal gambling dens may exist, but these are much harder to find and will carry an element of danger that traditional facilities will not.

Mali Information

Mali is located in Western Africa and bordered by Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Mauritania. It was known as the French Sudan during the occupation of France, but has since been renamed after the Mali Empire.

Close to the size of South Africa, Mali is the 24th-largest country in the world. It is almost double the size of the U.S. state of Texas.

The country is divided into eight regions and one capital district. These include:

- Gao
- Kayes
- Kidal
- Koulikoro
- Mopti
- Segou
- Sikasso
- Timbuktu (Timbuktu)
- Bamako (capital district)

The nation produces rice and cereals, and their primary crop for export is cotton. Livestock exports have grown in recent years, and the country is also rich in natural resources such as gold, uranium, phosphates, kaolinite, salt and limestone. Since 1999, gold has been their biggest export.

Mali has numerous ethnic groups, but the largest is Mande with 50 percent of the population. Others include Peul, Voltaic, Tuareg and Moor and Songhai.

Ninety percent of the country is Sunni Muslim, with Christianity and indigenous beliefs rounding out the list.

Around 60 percent of the population is literate, and Bamanakan is the largest spoken language in the country. French and Arabic can also be found.

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