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Malawi Gambling Information

Malawian Gaming Laws

By Reno Rollins

Gambling is legal in Malawi, but it appears to be restricted to casinos. In 1996, new gambling legislation was introduced, and a new regulatory authority was created.

Casinos in Malawi

Malawi has two land-based casinos. They are:

- Colony Club Casino (Victoria Avenue, Blantyre, Malawi) Open daily from 4pm until 4am, this casino offers 4,306 square feet of gaming space. There are 46 gaming machines and seven table games (Raise‘em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack and American Roulette). A bar and restaurant are also located on the property, as well as a race book and sports book. For more information, call +265 182 3283, or visit their website at

- American Palace Pirates Casino (Lilongwe, Malawi) This casino offers 100 gaming machines and eight table games (including Blackjack and Roulette). There are also two restaurants on the premises. Children over the age of five are admitted to the casino, as there is a children’s play area with 15 video games and six gaming machines. For more information, call +265 175 1215.

Malawi Facts

Located in southeastern Africa, the Republic of Malawi is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is often referred to as the “warm heart of Africa.” Formerly under the control of the UK, they declared their independence in 1964.

Malawi is divided into three regions (Northern, Central and Southern) and twenty-eight districts. These districts are:

- Balaka
- Blantyre
- Chikwawa
- Chiradzulu
- Chitipa
- Dedza
- Dowa
- Karonga
- Kasungu
- Likoma
- Lilongwe
- Machinga
- Mangochi
- Mchinji
- Mulanje
- Mwanza
- Mzimba
- Neno
- Nkhata Bay
- Nkhotakota
- Nsanje
- Ntcheu
- Ntchisi
- Phalombe
- Rumphi
- Salima
- Thyolo
- Zomba

Malawi is heavily dependent on agriculture. The three main export crops are sugar, tobacco and tea. The staple food of the country is maize, and other crops include beans, rice, cassava, coffee and peanuts. Eighty-seven percent of the country’s employment comes from the agricultural sector.

Eighty percent of the country is Christian, with the majority being Protestant. Sunni Muslims make up about twelve percent of the population.

The child mortality rate in Malawi is high, with 103 deaths for every 1000 children. It is estimated that the country has over a million orphans. 700,000 of these orphans are believed to have lost their parents to AIDS.

14.2% of the population is HIV-positive, according to the Malawi government. However, private estimates place the number at 30%. Over 90,000 deaths in 2003 were attributed to AIDS.

Around 1400, the Maravi people migrated to the area now known as Malawi. The ancestors of the modern-day Chewas tribe moved south to the west bank of Lake Malawi, while the ancestors of the Nyanjas moved to the east bank.

The central region is 90% Chewas. The Tumbuka tribe is dominant in the north, while the Nyanja tribe is prominent in the south. Other ethnic groups and tribes found throughout Malawi include: Tongas, Ngonis, Yao, Indians and Europeans.

The official currency of Malawi is the Kwacha. English is the official language, while Chichewa is recognized as the national language.

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