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Madagascar Gambling

Malagasy Republic Gaming Laws

Madagascar allows casino gambling, though the island nation does not appear to have either lottery games or online casinos. Following is a list of casinos you'll find in Madagascar, including two in the capital city of Antananarivo and one on the island of Nose-Be.

Casinos in Madagascar

Colbert Hotel & Casino - Antananarivo - Colbert Casino contains 250 gaming machines, which are mostly slot machines. The Colbert Hotel property contains a restaurant, AAA-approved American-style bar and a 111-room hotel. The casino floor is open from 10am until 2am. For more information about the Colbert Casino, dial +261 2022 20202, or visit the Colbert website at

Hilton Madagascar - Antananarivo - The Hilton Madagascar Hotel & Casino has 40 slots and 20 gaming tables. The casino games offered at the Antananarivo Hilton are Poker, Blackjack, European Roulette, American Roulette and Baccarat. The casino property includes the La Pieine Restaurant, Le Bistro Barck Restaurant an dthe Wiskeys Restaurant. Also found on site are three bars, a nightclub, as well as a health club, tennis court, swimming pool and business center. The Hilton Hotel has 171 rooms. Dial +261 2022 26060 to get more information about the Hilton Madagascar Casino, or visit their site at the web address

Andilana Beach Casino - Nosy-Be - The Andilana Beach Hotel and Casino is found at Plage d'Andilana on Nose-Be Island, Madagascar. One source claims this casino has roulette and blackjack, though I cannot vouch for this source with utmost confidence. The phone number for the Andilana Beach Hotel is +261 866 1178.

Madagascar Information

Madagascar was settled by a Bantu people somewhere between 200 A.D. and 500 A.D. The island's isolation has kept Madagascar a separate world in many respects over the centuries. Though some 5% of the Earth's animal and plant species find a home in Madagascar, while some eighty percent of those species are found nowhere else but Madagascar.

Some 5 centuries later, Madagascar's recorded history began, when Arabs merchants first established trade with the island. Throughout the next several centuries, various Malagasy chiefdoms began to expand their power along the rim of the Indian Ocean, including the Middle East, India and mainland Africa.

The first European contact with Madagascar came in 1500, when Dutch sailors came to the island. The French tried to establish colonies on Madagascar in the middle 17th century, but these efforts failed. The French remained in the area, settling islands between Madagascar and Africa. This would become important later in the history of the island.

By the late 18th century, Madagascar had become a haven for pirates. The slave trade was also important in Madagascar in these years. One tribe, the Merina, established dominance over Madagascar in 1817. These new rulers would end most piracy by 1824, and would also end the slave trade in the years following their ascension, mainly due to a treaty signed with the British.

The French made a return to Madagascar in 1883, over two hundred years after first trying to establish a colony on the island. They invaded the island in the Franco-Hova War, claiming to be defending the rights of local French citizens. The French would collect Antisiranana as a port city and established a protectorate over Madagascar with the consent of the British Empire. The British received control over Zanzibar in this same treaty.

The French would march on the capital of Antananarivo in 1895, touching off the second Franco-Hova War. The French army lost thousands of men, mainly from malaria. In 1896, the French annexed Madagascar. Malagasy troops would fight in World War I on the side of France.

In World War II, Madagascar was considered a pivotal island after the Fall of France. The Vichy French government continued to control the island, though Hitler at one time considered deporting all European Jews to Madagascar.

After the Japanese seized French Indo-China, the British feared the Japanese would extend their power across the Indian Ocean, and therefore seized Madagascar from Vichy France to forestall a potential Japanese invasion. The British would turn the island over to the administration of Charles de Gaulle and the Free French.

The French maintained control over Madagascar, though in 1947 they had to put down a national uprising of Malagasy, killing perhaps 90,000 people in this effort. The French made important reforms in their overseas rule in 1956, but the Malagasy declared a republic in 1958, the Malagasy Republic, which acted as an autonomous state within the French system.

After the adoption of a constitution, Madagascar achieved full independence in 1960. Since that time, Madagascar has undergone several changes of power, mostly peaceful ones, though a 2001 crisis led to five provinces declaring independence from Madagascar. Madagascar continues to have tensions in their system, though these are generally less violent than in many other portions of Africa.

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