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Liechtenstein Gambling

Liecthensteiner Gambling Laws

Currently, there are no casinos in Liechtenstein. In the past, however, there have been numerous attempts to initiate casino gambling in this small European country.

By 1868, Liechtenstein was facing financial difficulties. A casino project promised to pay off the country’s debts. Prince Johann I prevented this, however, by imposing a casino ban and paying off the debts himself.

In 1872, the Baden-Baden Casino Company applied to run a casino, and Parliament approved the project. But once again, Prince Johann I intervened and prevented casino gambling in Liechtenstein.

In 1919, following World War One, the country (once again in financial straits after losing all investments in Austria) was approached by a Swiss-French finance group who wanted to obtain a casino license and a monopoly on all gambling within the country. This group promised to improve the road network, promote automobile traffic, construct a tram line and establish a supply system for drinking water. The Prince again provided financial assistance, and the casino plan ended in failure.

1999 saw the country appoint a commission to discuss the pros and cons of gambling houses within the country. However, accusations surfaced which tied Liechtenstein to money laundering and international crime. While these are problems of the past, they were enough at the time to disrupt the work of the commission.

When Switzerland started allowing casinos, Lichtenstein once again started discussions on lifting the casino ban. These talks began in 2006, but there are still no casinos in the country.

Most recently, the country is considering whether or not to offer remote gaming licenses. Since they are a member of the EEA, Liechtenstein would be able to offer cross border advertising in the UK like Malta and Gibraltar.

While casino gambling has been a source of debate for decades, the country does offer a state-run lottery.

Liechtenstein Information

The smallest German-speaking country in the world, Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked country in Western Europe. The Prince of Liechtenstein, H.S.H. Hans-Adam II, is the sixth wealthiest leader in the world, with an estimated worth of $4 billion.

Being surrounded by the landlocked countries of Switzerland and Austria, it is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world (the other being Uzbekistan). It is also the sixth-smallest independent nation in the world, according to land area.

The country is divided into 11 municipalities, most consisting of only a single town. These include:

- Balzers
- Eschen
- Gamprin
- Mauren
- Planken
- Ruggell
- Schaan
- Schellenberg
- Triesen
- Triesenberg
- Vaduz (the capital)

Due to low business taxes, over 73,000 holding companies have placed offices in Liechtenstein. This accounts for about 30% of the country’s revenue. It also makes Liechtenstein one of the only countries in the world which has more registered companies than citizens.

The national currency is the Swiss franc, and the official language is German. Liechtenstein is the only country which predominantly speaks German but does not border the Federal Republic of Germany.

The majority of the country is Christian, of which most follow the Roman Catholic faith. Islam can also be found in Liechtenstein.

It is one of the few countries in the world to not have a military. All defense is left up to Switzerland.

Lottery in Liechtenstein

Gambling services over the Internet are controlled by the government, and only the International Lottery Liechtenstein Foundation is allowed to operate. They run a variety of lottery sites, with each donating a percentage of earnings to charity. PlusLotto has been in operating since 1995 and defeated a number of legal challenges concerning their right to sell lottery tickets outside of Liechtenstein. For more information on the various games, visit

Lottery websites in Liechtenstein include:

- Plus LOTTO
- World Lotto Corporation
- Lotto Luck
- Lotto.Li
- BossLotto
- Dr HoLotto

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