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Kyrgyzstan Gambling

Krygyz Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

Casino gambling is legal in Kyrgyzstan. This law was enacted by the Kyrgyz parliament in December of 2000, possibly as a way to eliminate Islamic dissent. Before that time, gambling was prohibited, but illegal gambling dens were located across the country.

At present, the basic rate of income tax for companies or activities related to gambling is 70%.

Kyrgyzstan Gambling

Currently, there is only one casino in operation within the borders of Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the city of Bishkek.

Xanadu Casino (Frunze Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) Open daily from 2pm until 6am, this casino offers 26 gaming machines and 20 table games (including American Roulette, Poker and Blackjack). A bar and hotel are also located on the premises. For more information, call +996 3122 84474.

Facts About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is located in Central Asia and borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China and Tajikistan. Known for its mountainous terrain, Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country.

The country is divided into seven provinces, each ruled over by a governor. The capital of Bishkek is administered as an independent city and has the same status as a province.

- Bishkek
- Batken
- Chui
- Jalal-Abad
- Naryn
- Osh
- Talas
- Issyk-Kul

The countryís economy was negatively affected by the fall of the Soviet Union. Continual efforts are being made to revive the nationís economy.

Agriculture is the main force of the economy, with the private sector providing up to one-half of the harvests. It also accounts for half of the nationís employment. Petroleum prices are so high that many farmers have bypassed machinery and do the farming by hand.

Wool, meat and dairy products are also important. Primary crops include potatoes, cotton, tobacco, fruit, vegetables, sugar beets and wheat.

While the country must import petroleum and natural gas, it exports coal, gold, uranium and antimony. With so many mineral resources, Krygyzstan is also a growing power in the field of metallurgy. Leading trade partners include China, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The countryís population is estimated to be just over 5 million, with only a third of citizens living in urban areas. The largest ethnic group is the Kyrgyz, which are a Turkic people. Many of the Kyrgyz live a semi-nomadic lifestyle and herd yaks, horses and sheep. Other ethnic groups found in Kyrgyzstan include: Russians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Uyghurs, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Soviet Koreans and Volga Germans.

Russian and the Kyrgyz language are considered the official languages of the country. Russian is the primary tongue for most citizens, and almost all business and political matters use the language.

During the days of the Soviet Union, state atheism was encouraged in Kyrgyzstan. Today, the country is a secular state, although Islam is very influential on daily affairs and in politics. Sunni Islam is widely practiced, although Christianity and Animist beliefs also exist.

Horse riding is the national sport. Their most popular team game is called Ulak Tartysh, which resembles a cross between polo and rugby. In this game, teams of riders wrestle for the headless body of a goat, which they then attempt to carry across the opponentís goal line or place into the opponentís goal.

Other popular horseback games include:

- Aht Chabysh (A long-distance horse race.)
- Jumby Atmai (A bar of precious metal is tied to a pole with thread. Players try to break the thread by shooting at it while mounted.)
- Kyz Kuumai (A mounted man chases a mounted girl in order to win a kiss.)
- Oodarysh (Wrestling on horseback.)
- Tyin Enmei (Picking up a coin while mounted and at a full gallop.)

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