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Jordan Gambling

Gambling Laws in Jordan

By Reno Rollins

Gambling is not legal in Jordan due to Islamic law. The Koran strictly forbids all forms of gambling, as it teaches that such practices pull men away from God.

Facts About Jordan

Jordan is an Arab country located in western Asia and bordered by Syria, Iraq, Israel and the West Bank and Saudi Arabia. Major cities in Jordan include Irbid, Az-Zarqa and the capital of Amman.

The population is estimated to be at 5.9 million, with 95% of those people considered Arabs. The official language is Arabic, but English is also widely used. Both languages are taught in public schools, and French is also available in many locations. The official religion is Islam, with the majority of the population adhering to the Sunni beliefs.

Jordan is split into 12 governorates. These include:

- Ajlun
- Amman
- Aqaba
- Balqa
- Irbid
- Jerash
- Kerak
- Ma’an
- Madaba
- Mafraq
- Tafilah
- Zarqa

Jordan remains at peace with their neighbors. They ended all hostilities with Israel in 1994, and they have since worked towards being a force of moderation in the Middle East.

But despite these efforts, trouble can still erupt from time to time. In 2005, Jordan was hit by three simultaneous bombings at hotels in Amman. 57 were killed and 115 were wounded. In 2006, a criminal in Amman took a pistol and opened fire on a group of tourists, killing one and wounding five.

Tourism remains a strong industry, however, and accounts for 12% of the Jordan’s GNP. Some of the more popular tourist attractions include:

- Petra - A complete city carved into the side of a mountain.
- Ajlun - Known for the Islamic Ajlun Castle.
- The Madaba Map
- The River Jordan - Where Jesus was baptized.
- Mount Nebo
- The Dead Sea - The lowest point on earth.
- Al-Omwia’s Palace

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