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Jersey Gambling

Jčrriais Gambling Laws

There is no casino gambling in Jersey, also known as Jerriais. However, horse racing does take place at the Les Landes racetrack, with on-course bookmakers and a computerized Tote available. The racetrack also has stalls where patrons can play the popular dice game Crown and Anchor.

Facts About Jersey

Located off the coast of Normandy, France, the Bailiwick of Jersey is a British Crown dependency. Along with the Bailiwick of Guernsey, it forms the Channel Islands. Besides the island of Jersey, it is also comprised of the islands of Pierres de Lecq, Ecrehous and Minquiers.

The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, and her official title is the Duke of Normandy. Jersey is not part of the European Union or the United Kingdom, but is instead considered a separate possession of the Crown.

The economy of the island is centered around tourism (729,000 visitors in 2006), agriculture, electronic commerce and financial services. Considered one of the world’s leading offshore financial centers, sixty percent of the island’s economy is supported by financial services.

Jersey is split into 12 parishes. Each parish is named after the saint for whom their parish church was dedicated. They include:

- Grouville
- Saint Brelade
- Saint Clement
- Saint Helier
- Saint John
- Saint Lawrence
- Saint Martin
- Saint Mary
- Saint Ouen
- Saint Peter
- Saint Saviour
- Trinity

The recorded history of Jersey stretches back over a thousand years. In the ninth century, Jersey fell under Viking influence. It was later annexed to the Duchy of Normandy.

King Charles II would later reward George Carteret, the bailiff and governor of Jersey, for the help given to him during his exile on the island in the 1640s. He gave him a grant for land in the American colonies and named it New Jersey.

As relations improved between France and England, prosperity came to the island. In the nineteenth century, improvements in transport links brought the first wave of tourism to the island.

In July of 1940, Jersey was occupied by Germany. They held the island until May 9th, 1945.

Agriculture is very important to the island, with potatoes and dairy products being the most important. Milk is taken from Jersey cattle, and their meat is also noted for its flavor.

A number of currencies are accepted on Jersey. These include: UK coinage, Scottish notes, Bank of England notes and Guernsey currency. Jersey also issues its own coins and banknotes.

Many of the island’s residents are not native to Jersey. In fact, it is estimated that 47% of the population originally came from somewhere else.

The population of Jersey is 88,000, with the majority located in Saint Helier, the only town on the island. The primary church is the Church of England, but Roman Catholics can also be found.

Horse Racing in Jersey

Horse racing on the island takes place at the Les Landes racecourse at Grosnez, St. Ouen (located near the ruins of Grosnez Castle). During racing season, five races are usually held during an event. These can range from a hurdle or five furlong sprint to a 2 ˝ mile distance race.

Bookmakers are located on-course, and customers can also take advantage of the computerized Tote. In addition, stalls are usually set up where patrons can enjoy a quick game of Crown and Anchor, a popular gambling dice game throughout British territories.

Races at Les Landes are ruled over by The Channel Islands Racing and Hunt Club. The local organizers, The Jersey Race Club, were first formed in 1832.

In 1836, King George IV presented the King’s Cup to the island, and races immediately took place in Greve d’Azette. Racing later moved to Gorey Common, where it would remain from 1843 until 1906.

From 1906 until 1961, racing took place at Les Quennevais. When the new track was completed in Les Landes, the events were relocated.

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