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Jamaica Gambling Information

Jamaican Facts

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea with a population of about 2.7 million people. Jamaica is found some 90 miles south of Cuba.

Jamaica has political independence from the United Kingdom, after an 1962 act. The Queen of England is still the reigning monarch on Jamaica, and Her Majesty's Government appoints a Governor-General on the island. But the Jamaican Parliament is the sovereign of Jamaica, with a Jamaican prime minister.

Tourism is a major part of the Jamaican economy, so that gambling interests are a part of the landscape. The casino infrastructure is not what one would expect, with around 10 casinos, but there is ample evidence that Jamaicans love to gamble.

The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission

The BGLC regulates gaming in Jamaica on behalf of the Jamaican Parliament. It is thought that gaming interests take in about $20 billion in revenues every year. Many of the gaming operators are smaller venues with less than twenty slot machines. It is estimated that there are over 1,200 Jamaican establishments which fit into this category.

The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1965

The Gaming Act of 1899 regulated gambling in Jamaica for over 60 years. In 1965, it was decided that Jamaica needed more modern gaming laws, both to loosen restrictions of the strict Gaming Act and also to address modern concerns about newer games that were not on the gambling seen at the turn of the century.

The Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act regulated bookmaker activities more closely, set up protections for pari-mutuel horse racing outfits and gave the Jamaican police more tools to enforce gambling laws. The act also cleared the way for legal lotteries. A lottery was not established until 1991.

New efforts, such as the Harmony Cove Casino, are trying to get away from this trend, trying to mimic the Las Vegas full casino experience.

Jamaicans Reject More Casino Gambling

Polls as late as 2004 show that over 50% of Jamaicans do not want casino gaming in Jamaica, becuase they will believe it will "increase crime and violence".

Casino Gambling in Jamaica

Virtually all casino gambling in Jamaica takes place inside the casino hotels listed below. If you want to gamble and sleep in one place, consider booking a room in one of the hotels listed below.

Casinos in Jamaica

Starfish Trelawny Beach Resort (Falmouth) - Starfish Trelawny offers 50 gaming machines. The Starfish contact number is (876) 518-6250.

Terra Nova Hotel - Monte Carlo Gaming (Kingston) - The number at Terra Nova Hotel and Gaming is (876) 926-2211. Monte Carlo Gaming, located in the hotel, offers 137 gaming machines at present.

The Jamaica Pegasus & Derby Rooms (Kingston) - The Derby Rooms house 45 slot machines. Contact Jamaica Pegasus at (876) 926-3690.

Acropolis Gaming Suites (Kingston) - The Acropolis offers 150 gaming machines. The number at the front desk of the Acropolis Gaming Suites is (876) 978-1299.

Caribbean Treasures (Montego Bay) - Caribbean Treasures has 51 video gaming machines on their gaming floor. The information number for Caribbean Treasures is (876) 952-8938.

Coral Cliff Entertainment Resort - Montego Bay - Corel Cliff Hotel and Entertainment has 142 gaming machines. The number at the desk is (876) 952-4130.

Hillshire Casino in Montego Bay

Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort (Montego Bay) - The casino in the Holiday Inn at Montego Bay has 43 slot machines. Call general information at the Sun Spree Resort at (876) 953-2484 or (876) 953-2485.

Hedonism II Resort (Negril) - Hedonism II resort offers 23 video slot machines. Call them at (876) 957-5200.

Grand Lido Resort and Spa (Negril) - The resort and spa at Grand Lindo has 24 slot machines. The contact number at Grind Lido Resort is (876) 957-5010.

Hedonism III Resort (Ocho Rios) - Hedonism III offers 22 gaming machines on the floor of their resort. Hedonism III in Ocho Rios should not be confused with Hedonism II in Negril. The contact information for Hedonism III Resort is (876) 973-4100.

Renaissance Jamaica Grande Resort at Ocho Rios

Treasure Hunt Gaming (Ocho Rios) - Treasure Hunt Gaming in Ocho Rios has one of the largest gaming selections in Jamaica, offering some 120 slots games. To call Treasure Hunt Gaming, dial (876) 974-8169.

The Jamaica Lottery

The Jamaica Lottery is the official lottery game on Jamaica. This organization takes in a huge rake every month, assumed to be about $500,000,000 per month. New measures were taken a few years ago to tax the winnings on lesser amounts, significantly lowering the amount of money the government taxed lottery winners.

Online Gambling in Jamaica

Jamaica has one online casino operating within its borders. This is the Poker World online casino. Online gambling is regulated by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission.

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