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Ivory Coast Gambling

Ivorian Gambling laws

Gambling in the Ivory Coast is legal. The country has one casino and also offers a lottery for its citizens.

Casinos in the Ivory Coast

One casino is located in the Ivory Coast. The Hotel Ivoire Inter-Continental & Casino is located in Abidjan (Boulevard de la Corniche) and is open from 4pm until 3am daily. The casino offers 60 gaming machines, as well as 14 table and poker games (blackjack, roulette and poker).

The hotel itself has 750 rooms. Reviews have varied wildly on the condition of the hotel. Some have complained of shabby rooms, poor service, in-room theft and the presence of machine-gun wielding militia. Others have praised the service of the hotel and noted the beauty of the local scenery.

For more information, you may contact the casino by calling +225 22 40 80 00. You may also fax them at +225 22 44 00 50.

Ivory Coast Facts

Located in Africa, the Ivory Coast is bordered by Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Ghana. While most English-speaking countries still refer to it as the Ivory Coast, the government has requested since 1985 that the French name Cote d’Ivoire be used in all languages.

The Ivory Coast became a protectorate of France in 1843 and a French colony in 1893. In 1960, the country gained its independence. Coups occurred in 1999 and 2001, and a civil war has been fought since 2002 (with a peace agreement being signed in March of 2007). These events have served to weaken the economy and create instability in the region.

The country is divided into 19 regions. They are:

- Agneby
- Bafing
- Bas-Sassandra
- Denguele
- Dix-Huit Montagnes
- Fromager
- Haut-Sassandra
- Lacs
- Lagunes
- Marahoue
- Moyen-Cavally
- Moyen-Comoe
- N’zi-Comoe
- Savanes
- Sud-Bandama
- Sud-Comoe
- Vallee du Bandama
- Worodougou
- Zanzan

Since 1983, the capital has been Yamoussoukro. The administrative center is Abidjan, which is also the most populated city. Other major cities include Bouake, Daloa, San-Pedro and Divo.

The economy of the country relies heavily on agriculture and is largely market-based. Their primary exports are coffee and cocoa.

It is estimated that 65 different languages are spoken in the Ivory Coast. French is the official language and is taught in schools. Dyula is a common trade language and is often spoken by the Muslim population of the country.

The primary religions of the country are Christianity (mainly Roman Catholic) and Islam. There are also many native residents who follow animist beliefs.

Many Ivory Coast citizens subsist on a diet of grains and tubers. The small open-air restaurants known as maquis are a distinctive feature in the country. One of the most famous foods sold by street vendors is aloco, which is a ripe banana in palm oil, often spiced with chili and steamed onions. It can be eaten alone or with grilled fish.

The country is divided into five military regions. The Ivory Coast has an army, navy and air force, although it is unknown whether or not the air force has any operational craft. Their national police force in known as the gendarmerie and is roughly the size of the military.

Most of the military is concentrated in and around Abidjan. These units include an airborne battalion, an infantry battalion, an armored battalion and an air defense artillery battalion. In keeping with a mutual defense accord, over 500 French forces are also stationed near the Abidjan Airport.

The government of the Ivory Coast prefer others, even English speakers, to refer to their country as the Cote d'Ivoire. Over three-fourths of the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast refer to themselves as Ivorians.

Ivory Coast Lottery

The Ivory Coast has a state-run lottery. It is the only one in sub-Saharan Africa which uses an electronic PMU system. In other African areas, the entire process is done by hand.

The Ivory Coast has also been known as the location of advance fee fraud, which is also referred to as “419” and the “Nigerian scam.” The victim usually receives an email offering large sums of money (usually millions) if the victim will send an advance fee (usually a few hundred dollars). The culprits of these schemes are very difficult to catch, and prevention has proven to be the best safeguard against such scams.

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