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Isle of Man and Gambling

Manx Betting Laws

By Reno Rollins

The Isle of Man is a territory located in the Irish Sea. While it is not part of the United Kingdom, it does recognize Queen Elizabeth as its Head of State, and the 75,000 residents of the island are considered British citizens. The most famous individuals to come from the Isle of Man are The Bee Gees.

It does not belong to the European Union, but it does have a unique relationship with the EU due to the UKís Treaty of Accession. The Isle of Man has the oldest continuous parliament in the world.

The Isle of Man has a low tax economy with no inheritance tax, death tax, stamp tax, wealth tax or capital gains tax. Income tax rates are 10% and 18%, and the corporation tax is set at 0%. There is a personal income tax limit of 100,000 British pounds, which went into effect in April of 2006.

Gambling Laws on the Isle of Man

Gambling is legal on the Isle of Man. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any gambling activities.

The government of The Isle of Man works hard to encourage the development of both gambling and e-gambling on the island. The National UK lottery is available on the island, along with bingo, one casino, sports betting, and online gambling.

Gambling Developments on the Isle of Man

The islandís Gambling Control Commission was established in 1962. It is responsible for the licensing and regulation of casinos, betting, lotteries and slot machines. In addition, the Commission is also charged with regulating all online gambling activities.

The primary concerns of the Commission are:

- Keeping the gambling industry crime free.
- Ensuring that players receive their winnings and that games are run fairly. The Commission requires independent testing of software to verify this.
- Protecting the young and vulnerable.

In 2001, The Isle of Man became one of the first jurisdictions to pass legislation designed to protect consumers and benefit e-gaming and gambling businesses (The Online Gambling Regulations Act of 2001). Since this time, online casinos have been allowed on the island, and some major companies such as MGM Mirage were initially attracted.

By 2002, five licenses were approved for gambling operators from around the world. But the boom didnít last long, and many of these companies soon pulled out (including MGM). In 2003, no gaming operators held a license from the island nation.

In January of 2005, the islandís Council of Ministers approved a policy change which allowed bets to be accepted from the United States. In April of that same year, a zero percent income tax was announced for e-gaming companies operating within The Isle of Man (assuming that they agree not to accept bets from Isle of Man residents).

Due to increased efforts to attract companies, the Isle of Man reported a 30% increase in applications for e-gaming licenses in October of 2006.

On September 1st, 2007, the UK Gambling Act of 2005 went into effect. Of particular importance to online gambling operators was a provision which made it illegal for gambling operators from a non-European Economic Area to advertise in the UK.

But the UK Secretary of State is entitled to determine which countries are regarded as an EEA state. Approved countries are placed on what has become known as the UK White List. Luckily for the Isle of Man, they were placed on the list a month before the new law went into effect, and business on the island continued without interruption.

Online Gambling Licenses in the Isle of Man

The following companies have received licenses to operate on the Isle of Man:

- Ascot Sports Limited (They run Ascot Sports. The company will soon be moving to the Philippines.)
- Plc. (They run
- Betpoint Limited (The run Betpoint.)
- Betting Fun IOM Ltd. (They run Betluck.)
- Boylesports (IOM) Ltd. (They run Boylesports & Lotteries.)
- Chronicle Bookmakers Ltd. (They run
- Isle of Man Tote Ltd. (They run
- Manx Online (IOM) Betting Ltd.
- Paddy Power Isle of Man Ltd. (They run Paddy Power.)
- Regent Markets (IOM) Ltd. (They run BetOnMarkets.)
- Rational Enterprises (They run PokerStars.)
- Renee Corporation Limited (They run The Raffle Club.)
- Trinitas Capital (IOM) Ltd. (They run Bets for Traders.)
- Bet a Bet Ltd.
- Joe Jennings (IOM) Ltd.
- Willstan (IOM) Ltd.
- RNG Gaming (A leading game software developer.)
- Get21 (Multiplayer online blackjack site.)


Neteller is a leading online fund transfer company. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in The Isle of Man. They have often been used to transfer funds for online gambling, but the passage of the Safe Port Act by the United States caused a massive drop in their total revenue.

After serious problems with the U.S. government, Neteller had its American accounts frozen. But on July of 2007, they were finally able to begin retuning money to their customers ($94 million to hundreds of thousands of clients). After January 26th, 2008, U.S members will not be able to request release of their funds.

Casinos on the Isle of Man

There is only one casino currently in operation on The Isle of Man. The Gala Casino Isle of Man is located at the Hilton Hotel and Casino in the city of Douglas. The casino is open seven days a week from 7pm until 4am.

Available games include:

- 4 American Roulette table (minimum-50p maximum-50 pounds
- 3 Blackjack Tables (minimum-2 pound maximum-100 pounds)
- 1 Stud Poker Table (minimum-5 pounds maximum-100 pounds)
- 3 Three Card Poker Tables (minimum-2 pound maximum-100 pounds)
- 10 Touchbet Roulette Terminals (minimum-20p maximum-25 pounds)
- 174 Jackpot Machines (minimum-1p maximum-100,000 pounds)

Lottery on the Isle of Man

The UK National Lottery is available on The Isle of Man. Much of the proceeds from the lottery go towards projects such as set-up for the 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Scottish Arts Council, UK Film Council and many others.

The following lottery games are available:

- Lotto - Pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49.
- Euro Millions - Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 50, plus 2 lucky stars from 1 to 9.
- Thunderball - Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 34, plus 1 thunderball from 1 to 14.
- Lotto Hot Picks - Pick numbers from 1 to 49. Pick 1 number to win 5 pounds. Picks 2 numbers to win 40 pounds. Pick 3 numbers to win 450 pounds. Pick 4 numbers to win 7,000 pounds. Pick 5 numbers to win 130,000 pounds.

Instant win games include:

- Christmas Presents
- Snakes and Ladders
- Big Money
- Scrabble
- Su-Dosh-Ku
- Battleship Classic
- Winter Winner
- Monopoly Gold
- 100,000 Christmas
- Hangman
- Live & Let Dice
- Safari Prize Hunter
- Paper, Scissors, Stone
- Noughts & Crosses on Ice
- Prize Puddings
- Pass the Pigs
- Rocks to Riches
- Buried Treasure

Bingo on the Isle of Man

Bingo is both legal and popular on The Isle of Man. Bingo halls are available throughout the island, but the most notable place to play is at the Hilton Isle of Man (the same location as the islandís lone casino). The hall will hold 300 players, but you must be 18 years or older to play. Sessions start at 6:40pm every day.

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