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Honduras Gambling

Honduran Gambling Information

Gambling is legal in Honduras and a few small casino hotels exist in the major Honduran cities. Lottery gaming is a non-factor with Hondurans, though it is likely there is widespread sports betting, given the popularity of football or soccer in Honduras.

Casinos in Honduras

Crowe Plaza (San Pedro Sula) - Crowe Plaza is a casino and hotel associated with Holiday Inn that contains 120 rooms located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Call Crow Plaze at +504 550 8080 or visit their website at the Holiday Inn website.

Hotel Copantl Sula and Casino Copantl (San Pedro Sula) - Casino Copatl has 10 slot machines and 12 gaming tables, including six blackjack tables, two roulette wheels and four poker tables. Usually, such small casinos don't offer poker, so this is a major advantage for Casino Copatl. Also, the casino offers a Bingo game with up to 180 seats. Call Casino Copatl at +504 556 7108.

Barcel Palma Real Beach Casino (La Ceiba) - Barcelo Palma Real Beach Casino is an oceanside resort with facilities for soccer, vollyeball, handball and minigolf, as well as a bar and restaurant. Most important, Real Beach Resort offers a small casino.

Honduras Maya Hotel and Casino Real (Tegucigalpa) - Casino Real offers 45 slot machines and 9 game tables, including blackjack, roulette and poker. There are two bars and one restaurant at Casino Real. Keep in mind that the casino only stays open 14 hours a day, from 2 pm until 4 am. For more information about Casino Real, call +504 232 2217.

Hotel and Casino Excelsior (Tequciqalpa) - Casino Excelsior has a bar and cafe. The website address at Casino Excelsior to ask for more information is or call at 237-2638. Hotel Excelsior is within 10 minutes drive of Toncontin Airport. The hotel also has a health spa and indoor pool.

Sports Betting in Honduras

There is little evidence of sports betting in Honduras, though wagers on soccer matches almost certainly take place on a wide scale. As an indication of the obsession with Honduran soccer players, take the case of Wilson Palacios.

Wilson Palacios, a Honduran-born player with English Premier League club Birmingham, had his 15-year old brother kidnapped in October of 2007. While this was probably done for a ransom demand against the successful football player, the kidnapping is a sign of how high profile Honduran athletes are in their own country. 

Honduras Information

Honduras is a Central American country of approximately 7.5 million people. The capital is named Tegucigalpa, which is also where half of the Honduran casinos are found.

Honduras is a U.S. ally which gave aid and sanctuary to the Nicaraguan rebels Contras in the 1980's, when they were trying to overthrow Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, with an immense gap in wealth distribution. Honduran leaders hope the Central America Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, will increase prosperity in their country.

Honduras borders Nicaragua to the south, as well as Guatemala to the west and El Salvador to the southwest. Also, Honduras has a minor dispute with Belize over the use of a bay near to both countries.

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