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Grenadan Gambling Information

Casinos gambling is not currently legal in Grenada. However, rumors began circulating in late 2007 that the government had approved a casino license for a facility to be built at a cruise ship dock in the capital of Saint George’s. The Prime Minister denied these reports, adding that any decision would be made only with the consent of all affected parties.

While supporters point out that a casino would make the island nation more attractive to investors, opponents fear that residents would be in danger of becoming addicted to gambling.

In the past, online gambling has been present in Grenada. As late as 2001, Internet casinos and sports books were operating out of the country. In fact, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda are credited with being the birthplace for offshore casino gambling.

As of this writing, however, no evidence could be found of any online casinos still in operation within Grenada.

Facts About Grenada

Located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is an island nation situated south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and north of Trinidad and Tobago. A popular tourist destination, Grenada is a commonwealth realm ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and administered by a local prime minister.

The largest island is named Grenada, while smaller islands include the following:

- Carriacou
- Petit Martinique
- Ronde Island
- Caille Island
- Diamond Island
- Large Island
- Saline Island
- Frigate Island

The most populace island is Grenada, and it includes the major towns of St. George’s, Gouyaye and Grenville. Hillsborough, located on Carriacou, is the largest town outside of Grenada.

Grenada is divided into six parishes. They are:

- Saint Andrew
- Saint David
- Saint George
- Saint John
- Saint Mark
- Saint Patrick

Grenada was first spotted by Christopher Columbus in 1498. At the time, it was dubbed Conception Island. The island was already home to Island Caribs, and it was conquered by the French around 1650. This conquest resulted in the extermination of the Caribs from the island.

The colony was ceded to the UK in 1763 as part of the Treaty of Paris. In 1877, it was made a Crown Colony. From 1958 until 1962, the island was part of the West Indies Federation.

In 1967, Grenada became an “Associated State of the United Kingdom,” meaning they were now responsible for their own internal affairs. Independence was granted in 1974 and the first prime minister was appointed.

In 1979, a movement led by Maurice Bishop seized power and suspended the constitution. Bishop was later deposed and placed under house arrest when he refused to share power with other members of his group. Demonstrations led to his release, but he was later captured and executed by soldiers.

The People’s Revolutionary Army then rose to power, and this resulted in an invasion by forces from the United States and other Caribbean nations. The invasion was called Operation Urgent Fury and was successful in ousting the revolutionaries and restoring the constitution.

In 2004, the island was hit by Hurricane Ivan. Ninety percent of homes were either damaged or destroyed. A year later, Hurricane Emily caused $110 million in property damage.

Grenada is a leading producer of ginger, mace, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, orange peels, wild coffee and nutmeg. For this reason, the nation is also referred to as The Spice Isle.

Tourism is the primary economic force in Grenada. Beaches, water sports and ecotourism are among the most popular tourist attractions.

Descendants of African slaves make up about 80% of the population. 100,000 people live in Grenada, but at least that many people have left the island and made homes in places like London, Toronto, Yorkshire and New York City.

English is the official language of the islands, but Grenadian Creole is also spoken, as well as French Patois. Christianity is the dominant religion, with Roman Catholicism being most popular. A small Muslim population can also be found on the island.

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