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Greenland Gambling

Greenlandic Gambling Laws

There are no casinos in Greenland. It is unknown if gambling is illegal, but the lack of tourism and the fact that eighty-one percent of the country is covered by ice may contribute to a lack of organized gambling.

Facts About Grønland

Greenland is a Danish province which is self-governing. Closely tied to the European nations of Norway, Iceland and Demark, they were granted home rule in 1978 and became equal members of the Rigsfaellesskab.

Located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, Greenland is the world’s largest island by area. It is also the world’s largest dependent territory and encompasses the largest national park on the globe. One-twentieth of the world’s ice is located in Greenland.

Iceland and Canada are the nearest countries to Greenland. Canada is located across Baffin Bay to the west, while Iceland is to the east in the Atlantic Ocean.

The current head of state is Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark. The Danish government appoints a High Commissioner to see to the interests of the Queen. The Danish name for Greenland is Grønland.

Greenland’s economy relies on all forms of fishing, with shrimp fishing being the most profitable. Half of the country’s revenue comes from grants by the Danish government.

The population of the island is estimated to be 68,400. Of that number, almost 90% are either Inuit or a mix of Danish and Inuit.

The dominant religion on the island is that of Evangelical Lutheran, and the official languages are Greenlandic and Danish. English is also commonly found on the island.

The national sport is football (soccer), but Greenland plays on a smaller scale than the FIFA teams. Men’s handball is also a popular pastime.

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