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Ghana Gambling

Ghanaian Gambling Information

Gambling is legal in Ghana. Casinos, lotteries and sports betting are all available.

Casinos in Ghana

Currently, there are two casinos in operation within the borders of Ghana. They are:

- La Palm Atlantic Casino and Royal Beach Hotel (No 1 La Bypass Road, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana) This casino is open daily from 12 pm until close for slot machines. Table games are open from 6pm until close. The casino has 5,575 square feet of gaming space with 52 gaming machines and eight table games (Texas Hold�em, Roulette, Blackjack and American Roulette). A sportsbook is also available through the casino. The property also contains a hotel, bar and restaurant.

For more information, potential customers can call +233 21 785 420. You may also visit their website at

La Palm Atlantic Casino was opened in 2003. It is operated by KaiRo International, a company that has interests in four casinos throughout the African continent.

- The Millionaires Casino (Liberation Road, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana) Located within the Golden Tulip Hotel, the casino is open daily from 8pm until 4am. There are 48 slot machines and seven table and poker games (including blackjack and roulette).

The hotel has 234 rooms, and two restaurants are also located on the premises. Other features include a health club, swimming pool, tennis court and wireless Internet service throughout the hotel.

For more details, call their general information line at +233 21 775 360. You may also visit their website at

Ghanaian Lottery

All lottery activities in Ghana are controlled by the National Lottery Authority. The first lottery was conducted in Ghana in 1958. For more information, you may visit their website at

The National Lottery Authority is a new creation, having been formed in 2007, and its appearance has not been welcome by the smaller privately-run lottery outfits of Ghana. For example, in May of 2007, the Ghana Lotto Operators Association claimed that National Lotto Act 722 (which created the Lottery Authority) would put them out of business.

In August of that same year, the Ghana Lotto Operators Association and six lottery companies from around the nation filed a lawsuit with the Accra High Court to bar the NLA from regulating the national lotto. While some operators chose to fight the new organization, others (including The Golden Souvenir Ltd.) received licenses under the new Ghana Lottery Act.

The following month, the High Court of Accra gave the Ghana Lotto Operators Association the option to either negotiate with the NLA or pursue their case at the Supreme Court level. As the case continued, other privately-owned lotto operators were granted licenses (including the Kwahu Farmer�s Lotto in September of 2007).

In October of 2007, the Gaming Commission of Ghana announced its intention to shut down all illegal gaming operations in the country. As of this writing, the case of the Ghana Lotto Operators Association is still ongoing.

Fun Play is one example of a company that has a license to provide sports betting and scratch cards within Ghana. In fact, they have the exclusive right to distribute scratch cards on a national basis. They are also a major sponsor of the Ghana football (soccer) team.

With the Fun Play scratch card, known as Fun Play Triple, the customer tries to get three of a kind on their card. If they are successful, they can win up to 10,000,000 Ghana Cedi (the national currency of Ghana).

Online Gambling in Ghana

Online gambling is available in Ghana, although many citizens cannot afford a computer or Internet access. Fun Play, for example, offers an online casino on their website, allowing customers to enjoy the following games:

- Texas Holdem Poker
- Omaha Poker
- Omaha Hi/Lo Poker
- Five Card Stud Poker
- Seven Card Stud Poker
- Heads-Up Poker

Ghanaian Sports Betting

Sportsbetting can be found at the La Palm Atlantic Casino in Accra. The owners of the casino, KaiRo International, have partnered with international sportsbook Ladbrokes to offer online betting throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Ladbrokes also happens to be the largest bookmaker in the world.

Facts About Ghana

Located in West Africa, the Republic of Ghana is bordered by Cote d�Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo. With natural resources such as oil and gold, the country has a higher per capita output than many of their poorer neighbors.

In pre-colonial times, Ghana was occupied by various ancient kingdoms, including the Empire of Ashanti. After coming into contact with the Portuguese in the 15th century, trade started between Ghana and several European states. In 1874, the British established a crown colony known as the Gold Coast.

Ghana gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. They chose Ghana as the name for their new nation.

The country is divided into 10 regions. They are:

- Ashanti
- Brong Ahafo
- Central
- Eastern
- Greater Accra
- Northern
- Upper East
- Upper West
- Volta
- Western

Major exports for Ghana include gold, cocoa, diamonds, bauxite, manganese and gold. A vast oilfield was discovered in 2007, and oil exploration is ongoing. Despite their natural resources, however, Ghana also has to depend on financial assistance from the international community.

The former national currency was the Cedi. As of 2007, this has been changed to the Ghana Cedi. 10,000 Cedis equal one Ghana Cedi. As of this writing, the Ghanan Cedi is valued slightly less than the U.S. dollar.

The largest ethnic group in Ghana are the Akan, with 49% of the population belonging to this group. Other groups include the Ewe, Ga, European and Moshi-Dagomba.

Christianity is the largest religion, with 63% of the population adhering to its belief system. Around thirty-percent of the population follows Islam, while traditional African beliefs make up a smaller percentage.

A land of many languages, it is estimated that more than 100 dialects are spoken in Ghana. While English is the official language of the country, the Ewe, Akan and Ga-Dangme languages are spoken by a large majority of residents. Other popular languages include Gurma, Grusi and Dagbani. There are nine government-sponsored languages. They are:

- Akan
- Dagaare/Wale
- Dagbani
- Dangme
- Ewe
- Ga
- Gonja
- Kasem
- Nzema

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