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Gambia Gambling

Gambian Gaming Laws

By Reno Rollins

Although gambling is generally illegal in Gambia, the nation has one casino and a national lottery. Islam’s large influence on the country prevents additional gambling establishments from being opened.

Gambia Casinos

At this time, there is only one casino in operation in Gambia.

- Kololi Casino (Serekunda, Kanifing, Gambia) Open daily from 9pm until 4am, this casino offers nine table and poker games (including Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and American Roulette). For more information, call +220 446 0223.

Lottery in Gambia

The Gambia National Lottery is headquartered in Banjul, Gambia. Their telephone number is +220 422 3580. The Kanefing and Banjul councils run the lottery as a means of raising funds for the community. Prizes range from a few dalasis (the national currency) to hundreds of thousands of dalasis.

One of the most popular elements of the lottery are the Joni Joni scratch cards. Joni Joni means ‘scratch, win, and get paid instantly.’ Agents sell these scratch-off tickets all across the country, and over 900,000 dalasis in winnings have been distributed since 1995.

Facts About Gambia

The Republic of Gambia is also known as The Gambia or simply Gambia. The smallest country on the African mainland, Gambia is bordered on three sides by Senegal.

A former British possession, Gambia achieved its independence in February of 1965 and became a republic in 1970. The capital of Gambia is Banjul. In 2007, the total population was estimated to be 1,700,000.

Gambia is divided into five divisions and one city. These include:

- Banjul (city)
- Western (Brikama)
- Upper River (Basse)
- North Bank (Kerewan)
- Central River (Janjanbureh)
- Lower River (Mansa Konko)

The majority of the country’s labor force is engaged in agriculture. This includes peanut production, other crops, forestry, fishing and livestock. Major sources of imports are Germany, France, Asia, the Ivory Coast, Belgium and the Netherlands.

A number of tribes and ethnic groups are located in Gambia. The largest is the Mandinka tribe, followed by Fula, Wolof, Jola and Serahule. Non-African residents include Europeans and those of Lebanese origin.

More than ninety percent of the population follows the teachings of Islam. The rest of the population follows various denominations of Christianity.

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