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French Polynesian Gambling News

Gambling used to be legal in Papeete, Tahiti, and several casinos could be found there (Hotel Kon Tiki Pacific & Casino, Hotel Prince Hinoi & Casino and Hotel Royal Papeete & Casino). However, the casinos are no longer active, although gambling can still be found in one form or another.

But things may be changing again in the near future. According to a senior member of the French Polynesian government, there are plans to legalize gambling at new resorts which are to be built in the Marquesas and Tuamotu islands.

Information About French Polynesia

Located in the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is a French overseas collectivity. It is comprised of several islands, with the most famous being Tahiti (the capital of Papeete is located there). Other islands include:

- Austral Islands
- Bass Islands
- Gambier Islands
- Marquesas Islands
- Society Islands
- Tuamotu Archipelago

From 1946 until 2003, the island was considered an overseas territory. In 2003, it became an overseas collectivity. The islands have five administrative subdivisions. They are:

- Windward Islands
- Leeward Islands
- Marquesas Islands
- Austral Islands
- Tuamotu-Gambier

The economy of French Polynesia is supported by tourism, imported goods and financial assistance from France. Agriculture is reliant on coconuts, vanilla, fruits and vegetables. Cobalt, fish and timber are among the country’s natural resources. French Polynesia’s major export are their black Tahitian pearls.

The total population of the island is estimated to be 259,596. Almost 90 percent of residents were born on the islands, and 83% of people are of Polynesian bloodlines. Europeans, Chinese and Vietnamese can also be found on the islands.

French is the primary language, although some residents do speak Polynesian or an East Asian dialect. Over 90% of the population is fluent in French.

Christianity is the dominant religion in French Polynesia, with the majority of citizens adhering to the Protestant beliefs. Roman Catholicism also has a strong following.

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