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French Guiana Gambling

French Guianese Gambling

There is no organized gambling in French Guiana. It is unknown whether or not it is illegal, but the lack of information on the subject would seem to indicate that it is.

Facts About French Guiana

An overseas department of France, French Guiana is located in South America. It is one of only three European territories located outside of Europe which is not an island. The President of the French Republic serves as the head of state, but a prefect runs day-to-day affairs and serves as his representative.

French Guiana is also known to be the home of the notorious Devilís Island, a former French penal colony. This colony, operational until 1952, was portrayed in the movie Papillon, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

The French settled the island in the 17th century. In 1946, it became an overseas department of France. Over the last several decades, there has been a call for increased autonomy for French Guiana. Many of these demonstrations, especially those in the late 90s, resulted in violence.

While the main industries are timber, fishing and gold mining, French Guiana is also dependent on France for aid. Unemployment ranges between 20% and 30%. Tourism is becoming a growing sector of the economy, and the future of eco-tourism looks especially promising.

The official currency is the euro. The primary religion is Roman Catholicism, although some natives of the island still engage in traditional island worship.

As of 2007, the population of French Guiana was 209,000. Most of these residents live along the coast, and the Guianese Creoles are the largest ethnic group. A sizeable Haitian community also exists, as well as some European expatriates.

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