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Fiji Islands Gambling

Fijian Gambling Laws

Casinos are not allowed in Fiji. However, sports betting houses can be found, as well as local lottery retailers.

Fiji Islands Information

Officially known as the Republic of Fiji, this island nation is located south of Tuvalu, west of Tonga and east of Vanuatu. The country is made up of 322 islands (106 which are inhabited) and 522 islets. The vast majority of the population lives on the two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The head of the government is the Prime Minister of Fiji. The country gained its independence in 1970, after spending nearly a century as a British colony. Since declaring independence, there have been four coups in Fiji. Two occurred in 1987, one in 2000 and another in 2006. Since 1987, the military has either directly ruled the country or played a very large part.

In 2003 alone, Fiji had 430,800 tourists visit her shores. Tourism plays a major role in the economy, as do sugar exports, forest, mineral and fish resources. The 2006 coup, however, has created an amount of uncertainty within the tourism sector, and numbers are expected to fall in the short term.

The majority of the population is made up of native Fijians. Another important group is made up of descendants of Indian contract laborers brought to the islands by the British in the 19th century. These Indo-Fijians make up 38.1% of the population, but their numbers have declined over the last two decades. There is also a group of descendents of indentured laborers from the Solomon Islands.

The majority of indigenous Fijians follow Christianity, with the largest denomination being the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma. Indo-Fijians are predominantly Hindu and Muslim.

Rugby union is the national sport of the country, and rugby league is also popular. Fiji rugby teams have competed in four Rugby World Cups , reaching the quarter-finals on two different occasions.

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