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Faroe Islands Gambling

Faroese Gambling Information

There is no gambling in the Faroe Islands. The lack of casinos may be party due to its remote location.

Faeroe Islands Facts

The Faroe Islands (aka Faeroe Islands) are a group of eighteen islands located off the coast of Northern Europe. Since 1948, they have been an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are located 193 miles from Scotland, 280 miles from Iceland, 419 miles from Norway and 421 miles from Ireland.

While they are a province of Denmark, the islands have taken control of most of their own matters over the years, with the exceptions being defense, foreign affairs and the legal system. These areas remain the responsibility of Denmark.

The total area of the Faroe Islands is 540 square miles. Seventeen of the islands have residents, leaving Litla Dimun as the lone uninhabited island.

The islands are divided into 34 municipalities, and a total of 120 cities or villages can be found scattered throughout. The Faroe Islands are an agrarian society, and fishing and raising sheep are the mainstays of the economy.

Oil has been found near the islands in recent years, and the hope is that it will allow the islands to diversify their economy and become less reliant on the Danish government.

Of the 48,000 residents of the islands, most are ethnic Faroese of Celtic or Norse descent. There are, however, 77 different nationalities represented on the island. The official language is Faroese, and the state church is the Faroese People’s Church, which represents a form of Lutheranism.

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