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Eritrea Gambling

Eritrean Gambling Laws

Eritrea does not have widespread legal gambling. There are no legal casinos present in the country. An instant lottery does exist, but it is unknown whether or not it is illegal.

The lack of casinos can possibly be attributed to Eritrea’s adherence to Islamic law, which teaches that gambling is evil.

Lottery in Eritrea

Instant lottery tickets can often be bought from little boys on the street of any Eritrean city. The scratch cards are printed in the Tigrinya language and feature pictures of giraffes, toucans, buffalo and jaguars. If the player can match up several of the same symbols, then they will win a generous cash prize. Tickets usually cost five nakfas (or less than 50 cents).

Eritrean Information

Located in East Africa, Eritrea is bordered by the Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The country also has ownership of the Hanish Islands and the Dahlak Archipelago.

Eritrea is divided into six regions. They are:

- Central
- Southern
- Gash-Barka
- Anseba
- Northern Red Sea
- Southern Red Sea

The nation has poor relations with the United States and the European Union, due to the presence of exiled Somalian leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys. He is suspected of having links to Al Qaeda. This may result in economic sanctions against the country, and the U.S. has called Eritrea a “state sponsor of terrorism.”

Once closely allied with Ethiopia, the countries fought a war from 1998 until 2000. This resulted in 19,000 dead Eritreans and 123,000 dead Ethiopians.

The two main religions in the country are Sunni Islam and Coptic Orthodox Christianity. Half of the population is made up of Muslims. Protestants and Roman Catholics are also present within the country.

There is no official language in Eritrea, but Tigrinya and Arabic are the two most common “working languages.” English is used in international communications, and Italian is sometimes spoken by people of the older generation.

Eighty-percent of the population is involved with agriculture. This can be complicated by the droughts which sometimes plague the country.

Football (soccer) and bicycle racing are popular sports in Eritrea.

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