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Gambling in the Czech Republic

Czech Casino Laws

Gambling is legal in the Czech Republic.

In fact, the Czech Republic is home to one of the largest concentrations of casinos in Central and Eastern Europe. The 1990's saw a large expansion in the Czech casino industry. 2005 saw a legislative backlash in the Czech legislature, as new laws were passed that would reduce the number of casinos in the republic.

Due to this fact, some of the 65 casinos found in the Czech Republic might not be in business in a year or two. Visit here for updates on this casino information.

Casinos in the Czech Republic

Casino Le Jeton - As
Casino 777 Brno - Brno
Casino Grand - Brno
Tj Brno - Dvorska - Brno
Casino Brno International Hotel - Brno
Casino Savoy - Ceska Kubice
American Chance Casino - Ceska Kubice
Casino Brno and Hotel Gomel -Ceske Budejovice
Casino Ceske Budejovice - Ceske Budejovice
Casno Estor - Cheb
Casino Admiral Colosseum - Chvalovice
Route 55 Casinos - Dolni Dvoriste
Classic Casino - Dolni Dvoriste
Info Casino Franzensbad - Franzensbad
Casino Savoy - Folmava
Admiral Casino Colosseum - Hate
American Chance Casino Hollywood Spin - Hate
American Chance Casino on Route 59 - Hate
Pupp Casino Club - Karlovy Vary
Casino Bellevue Praha - Marianaske Lazne
Casino Bellevue Marienbad - Marienbad
Casino Mikulov - Mikulov
Mesto Netolice - Netolice
Casino Brno - Palac Elektra - Ostrava
Casino Ostrava - Ostrava
Casino Brno and Hotel Labe - Pardubice
City Casino Plzen - Plzen
Casino Bohemia - Prague
Casino de Prague le Hilton - Prague
Banco Casino - Prague
Casino Palais Savarin - Prague
Casino Happy Day - Prague
Casino President - Prague
Henry Casino and Hotel Jalta - Prague
Century Casino Millennium and Marriott Hotel - Prague
Panorama Hotel VIP Club Casino - Prague
Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club and Casino - Prague
VIP Club Casino and Ambassador Hotel - Prague
VIP Club Casino and Hotel Forum Praha - Prague
Rozvadov Casino - Rozvadov
Ingo Casino - Strazny
Casino 777 Teplice - Teplice
Casino Teplice Balnex - Teplice
Route 59 Casino - Znojmo

Lottery in the Czech Republic

Lotteries in the Czech Republic can be organized by the state and by joint stock companies which registered capital over 100,000,000 CZK. These companies must be approved by a government entity in the Czech territory.

The largest lottery company in the Czech Republic is SAZKA, which is part of the European State Lotteries Association (ESLTA) and the WLA or World Lottery Association. SAZKA runs both numbers lotteries and instant lottery games.

Other major betting institutions in the Czech Republic are Tipsport, Chance, Synot Tip and Fortuna.

Horsetrack Racing in the Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is home to many racetrack interests. It has one of the largest pari-mutuel establishments among the nations which were once Soviet satellites.

Here is a list of racetracks in the Czech Republic.

Dostihove zavodiste Cerny les - Benesov
Jaroslav Zak - Brno
Jantar - Bruntal Svetla Hora
City Gold and Racing Club - Karlovy Vary
Karlosarske zavoidiste - Karlovy Vary
Elektrovarsury - Kladruby nad Labem
Jan Palyza-Sdruzeni Hippodrom - Lyza nad Labem
Pulec Hrebcin Minon - Mimon
Jan Mudra - Mirosov
Hipodrom Most - Most
Karel Kucera - Netolice
Pardubice Racecourse - Pardubice
Turf ISP - Praha
Dostihove Zavodiste Praha - Praha 5
Jezdecky Spolek Kolesa - Prelouc
TVCK Radslavice Racecourse - Radslavice
Turf Centrum Morava - Slusovice
Dostihove centrum Svetla Hora - Svetla Hora
Tochovice Racecourse - Vsenory
Turf Rekord - Zlin

Facts About the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is considered one of the Eastern European countries which is most western in outlook. The republic consists of two major regions: Bohemia and Moravia. The Czech Republic borders four other nations: Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia.

Legal History of the Czech Republic

The Czech lands were annexed to the Habsburg Empire in 1526, and remained under Habsburg rule nearly 400 years, until the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved in 1918 at the end of World War I.

The Treaty of Versailles placed the Czechs in a country along with the Slovakians. The Slovakians and the Czechs were considered Catholic-leaning slavs, and therefore deserved to share a nation in Central Europe. The Slovaks had been under Hungarian instead of Austrian rule and therefore had a different culture and economy. This caused tensions in the newly-formed Czechoslovakia.

Despite these tensions, Czechoslovakia was considered the most democratic nation in Eastern Europe in the interwar period, and the Czechs had alliances with both France and the Soviet Union. Czech defense measures came to naught when Nazi Germany demanded the "return" of the Sudetenland to the German Reich, because the mountain region had several million German-speaking Czechoslovakian subjects. This came to pass, while the Slovaks were encouraged by Hitler to dissolve their ties to Czechoslovakia a half year later.

After World War II, the Soviets placed a communist government in control, reinstituting Czechoslovakia. This union would last until the Velvet Revolution of 1989. This was called a velvet revolution because the changeover to democracy was peacefully done. In these years, the Czechs and Slovaks dissolved their uneasy bonds, and the Czech Republic was born.

The Czech Republic is a western-style democracy that has joined the European Union and the NATO Alliance.

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