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Democratic Republic of Congo Gambling

Congolese Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

Casino gambling is legal within the DR Congo, but it is unclear whether or not any other forms of gambling are allowed.

Casinos in the DR Congo

There is currently one casino open in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Grand Hotel Kinshasa is located at Avenue Batela-gombe in Kinshasa. Open from 6pm until 8am, this casino offers 100 slot machines and seven table games (including roulette). A 422-room hotel is also located on the premises. For more information, call +243 880 1111.

Facts About the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has also been known by the following names:

- DR Congo
- Congo Free State
- Belgian Congo
- The Congo
- Congo-Leopoldville
- Congo-Kinshasa
- Zaire

The third largest country in Africa, it is bordered by the Sudan, the Central African Republic, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Angola and the Republic of the Congo.

After the country gained its independence from Belgium, they called themselves the Republic of the Congo until 1964. Afterwards, they were known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1971, the country was renamed Zaire. After the First Congo War in 1997, the country’s name reverted back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From 1998 until 2003, the Second Congo War was fought. It was estimated to be the world’s most lethal conflict since World War II. Over 5 million people are believed to have been killed, and some studies report that 1000 people a day are still dying.

Sexual violence against women is a common crime, and this often happens in front of their families or communities. In some cases, men are even forced at gunpoint to rape their own sisters, mothers and daughters. After they are raped, the women will often be held as sex slaves.

The country is divided into 11 provinces. They are:

- Kinshasa
- Province Orientale
- Kasai Occidental
- Kasai Oriental
- Katanga
- Maniema
- Sud-Kivu
- Nord-Kivu
- Bas-Congo
- Bandundu
- Equateur

The capital and largest city is Kinshasa. Other densely populated cities include:

- Lubumbashi
- Mbuji-Mayi
- Kolwezi
- Kananga
- Kisangani
- Likasi

The Congo is a significant producer of diamonds, copper and tantalum. It is also the world’s leading producer of cobalt.

As of 2006, the population is estimated to be 62.6 million. This number is comprised of 250 ethnic groups, with the Kongo, Luba and Mongo being the most common.

While French is the official language, a total of seven-hundred local languages and dialects are spoken. The most common of these are Lingala, Kongo, Kituba, Swahili and Tshiluba.

Around 80 percent of the population adheres to the Christian religion, with the majority following the Roman Catholic church. Protestant and Kimbanguist are also present. A small minority of Muslims can also be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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