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Chile Gambling

Chilean Gambling Information

Gambling is legal in Chile. In fact, the Chilean gambling industry offers a wide variety of games, including several sizable brick-and-mortar casinos, legalized online casino gaming, sports betting, state lotteries and pari-mutuel racetracks.

Casino Gambling in Chile

Casino gambling is still getting a foothold in Chile, which is still a great deal behind the South American gambling superpower, Argentina. If you play in a Chilean casino, do not expect to get comps of any kind. Watch out for slot machines, since the national laws on percentages are not always enforced that stringently.

Casinos in Chile

Casino de Arica (Arica) - Casino de Arica has 248 gaming machines and 13 casino gaming tables. These table offer craps, blackjack, mini-baccarat, poker, progressive poker, punto banco and roulette. The contact number for Casino de Arica is +56 58 224 131.

Termas de Chillan (Chillan) - Termas de Chillan has just over 100 slot machines and 14 poker tables. The casino also has a bingo hall with 120 seats. The number as Termas de Chillan is +56 2 557 8112.

Casino Coquimbo (Coquimbo) - Casino Coquimbo is an extremely large casino in terms of South American gambling halls, with 800 slot machines and video poker machines and 35 poker tables, including Caribbean Stud Poker, French Roulette, American Roulette, baccarat and Blackjack. The general information number at Casino Coquimbo is +56 51 246 090.

Casino Iquique (Iquique) - Casino Iquique is another large Chilean casino, with 659 game machines and 23 table games. These games offer Caribbean stud poker, blackjack, American roulette, punto banco and mini punto banco. Call +56 57 518 030 to contact Casino Inquique.

Casino del Lago (Pucan) - Casino del Lago has 420 gaming machines and 42 table games. The casino also has its own race book. Contact Casino del Lago online at or call at +56 45 550 001.

Hotel del Lago Resort & Casino (Pucon) - Pinto Casino in Pinto, Chile offers 101 gaming machines, including 1 electronic bingo machine. Players will also find 10 gaming tables, including 4 blackjack, 2 Caribbean study poker, 2 Punto Banco and 2 Roulette tables. The phone number for Punto Casino is +56 2 231 5963.

Casino Puerto Varas (Puerto Varas) - Casino Puerto Varas offers over 300 machine games and 35 table games. Call +56 65 346 600 for Casino Puerto Varas.

Casino Vina del Mar (Vina del Mar) - Casino Vino del Mar is the largest casino in Chile, with 1,500 gaming machines. Vina del Mar offers lesser known games like Lucky Seven and Midibac. The casino offers 90 gaming tables, including Blackjack, Boule, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Chuck-a-Luck, Crown and Anchor, Draw Poker, Mini Craps, Mini-Baccarat and Punto Banco.

Casino Vino del Mar offers 38 baccarat and 16 American roulette games alone. To contact the casino at Vina del Mar, call +56 32 500 600.

Horse Tracks in Chile

Chileans love horse racing and there are six different racetracks in Chile. Pari-mutuel betting is a favorite form of gambling in the Chilean nation.

Club Hipico Antofagasta - Antofagasta
Club Hipico de Penuelas - Coquimbo
Club Hipico de Santiago de Chile - Santiago
Hipodromo Chile - Santiago
Club Hipico de Concepcion - Talcahuano
Valparaiso Sporting Club - Vina del Mar

Lotteries in Chile

Chile has two major lotteries. These are the Loteria de Concepcion and the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia S.A. Beginning in 2004, the state lottery is run using software bought from a Finnish firm (EGET).

Online Gambling in Chile

Chile is one of about 80-90 nations worldwide which have permissive online gambling laws.

Chilean Information

Chile has been independent since 1810. In that year, Napoleon deposed the King of Spain. The Chilean people formed a junta in the name of the king's heir, but soon a movement began for full independence from Spain. This movement finally succeeded in gaining full independence from Spain in early 1818.

This changed the social conditions in Chile very little for the next century, though. A small class of landowners controlled most of the wealth of Chile, while the Roman Catholic Church and the families of the grandees controlled the politics of the country. Slowly, a strong presidency began to gain influence, but the Chilean legal system was quite conservative in its tone. Though gambling was not legally condoned, laws against gambling were not always strictly enforced.

Instability came in the 1920's with a military coup. The next generation of politics would be turbulent, including one ten-year stretch with ten different governments. Rapid liberalization came in the 1950's and 1960's, with the working classes making gains in these years. Certainly, gambling laws were liberalized somewhat, though most of the gains have only come in recent years. Harsh military dictatorship would retard the natural evolution of Chilean gaming laws, just as it did most other legal institutions in the coutnry.

In 1967, a depression began that lasted until 1970. This opened the door for Pinochet.

Auguste Pinochet

Auguste Pinochet ruled for 17 years, from 1973 to 1990. Pinochet was a right-wing dictator who attained power with the help of the CIA. In his first six months in office, Pinochet's people murdered upwards of a thousand people. Thousands of others were arrested and tortured, so that tens of thousands of Chileans fled the country. In this environment, gambling laws were hardly on the top of the legislative agenda.

Since Pinochet left office in 1990, the Chilean government has become much more liberal. Currently, the first female Chilean president is in office. In these same years, Chile has become the South American nation with the most trade agreements, boasting at the current time 57 different international trade agreements.

Chile has become one of the more forward-looking South American nations when it comes to online gambling. The casino industry also has begun to grow accordingly.

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